About Us

Outdoorsome is an AI powered travel research and planning assistant.

In the age of social media and big tech, travel content is everywhere. With just a few clicks we have access to such a massive pool of content and information that was practically impossible to have prior to the emergence of big tech platforms.

But sifting through all that content, separating signal from noise, and doing a complex task such as planning your vacation travel - including itinerary, things to do, where to stay, how long and when - can be a daunting task, often taking days if not weeks. Especially for those who like at least a little bit of upfront planning before a vacation.

Our founders experienced this first hand in the weeks leading up to the day they embarked on an epic 10,000 mile RV road trip across 19 national parks in 2019. The planning process took weeks of reading blogs, reviews, watching videos and social media posts. That was the genesis of the idea for Outdoorsome - an AI assistant that helps you in your vacation travel planning.

Our mission is to make travel planning and research easier.

Our flagship product analyzes millions of data points on a daily basis using the power of machine learning and AI to generate travel itineraries, things to do, attraction rankings, travel blog rankings and more for over 5000 destinations and over 400,000 points of interest around the world. Our bots read and analyze the entire travel blogosphere on the internet - over 250 million blog posts - and millions of social media posts made daily by travelers around the world.

In order to rank recommendations, we focus on quality just as much as quantity (if not more) of content generated for that attraction on social media and travel blogs. We use several state of the art natural language processing algorithms to understand the meaning of what is being said in order to determine the relevance of a recommendation.

Our bots have analyzed the entire travel blogosphere to learn about destinations around the world.

Our coverage of locations around the globe and the content about those locations is growing by the day. We intend to have a deep undertanding of every travel destination in the world no matter how small or large.

We have a lot more exciting products in the pipeline to help you throughout your travels, so stay tuned for more from us.