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Bangkok Damnern Saduak Floating Market, Thai Cultural Workshop & Organic Village

Bangkok Living Apartment, Bangkok

Enjoy the scenery of the Thai countryside as you sit on the famous James Bond speedboat to get to the heart of the floating market. One of the biggest, and definitely the most popular floating market in the region. Experience the exotic Damnern Saduak floating market as the vendors display and sell their goods on the paddle boat, it will take you back to the ancient Thai way of living that is still practised to this day. Have an international lunch buffet at Patom Organic Farm, a 10-acre farm certified to international organic standards. They combine traditional wisdom and modern methods and use traceable organic raw materials to make Patom lifestyle products and delicacies under the concept of Organic Living. Organic raw materials are sourced from their farm, but most come from a network of local organic farmers supported by the Sampran Model Movement under Sookjai Foundation. At Patom Organic Village, you can follow the journey of raw materials from farm to product.

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