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Great War Island is a river island in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers. Though uninhabited, the island is part of the Belgrade City proper, and belongs to the city municipality of Zemun. Wikipedia


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Belgrade War Island Kayak Tour

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Great War Island, Belgrade

This war island kayak tour takes place around Great War Island, a nature protected area in the center of Belgrade. The contrast of wilderness and urban ambiance makes this adventure a special one and embeds it deep in the memory. The tour around Great War island is organized for private groups and includes a brief on Lido Beach, a visit to Veliki Galijas canal, as well as rowing and spending time on the Danube and Sava rivers. Minimum number per booking 1 person.

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Belgrade Sunset Cruise

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Great War Island, Belgrade

Enjoy the breeze and scenic views during the Sava and the Danube rivers cruise! Leave the city hustle and bustle, relax and enjoy these majestic rivers during a 1.5-hour cruise, Pass by the Great War Island on our way to Zemun, town with its Millenium (Gardos) tower. Zemun is one of Belgrade's municipalities today, but until the middle of 20th Century it was a separate town. Enjoy the view of the Belgrade fortress from different perspectives, and get to know about its construction and exceptional strategic significance. The view from the boat of the stunning bridges is also unforgettable!

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Explore the youngest country of Europe: Kosovo tour in seven days

Great War Island, Belgrade

Even though Kosovo might not be the first destination you think of, being the youngest country of Europe also means that there are still many areas left to be discovered! Visit the UNESCO world heritage cathedrals in Peja and Decan, admire the beautiful waterfalls in Mirusha and learn more about the Kosovo War on this 7-day tour of Kosovo.

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Recent History of Kosovo and Mitrovica Tour (combined)

Great War Island, Belgrade

Lets discover story of recent history of Kosovo, by visiting main historical sites, starting by medieval monuments, Mitrovica city and end the tour at the biggest memorial of 1998-1999 war in Prekaz. Mitrovica, situated in the North of Kosovo, is the town that was badly affected by the 1999 Kosovo War. Following several ethnic tensions, in 2013, the city is officially divided in Mitrovica South (with Kosovo Albanian Majority) and North (with Kosovo Serbian majority), separated by river Ibri (Ibar), becoming a symbol of Kosovo's ethnic divisions - but yet, an interesting place to visit and see. The city is famous for its mine called Trepça, rich in lead, zinc, silver, gold, crystals etc. , which has historically been one of Kosovo largest industries. It is the only city in Kosovo that has four rivers: Ibri, Sitnica, Lushta and Trepça. Traces of the city dates back to the Neolithic time, as many exhibit archeological exhibit pieces were found in archeological sites.

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