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Vučo’s House on the Sava River is located in 61-61a, Karađorđeva Street, Belgrade, in the territory of the city municipality of Savski venac. It was built in 1908, and it represents an immovable cultural property as a сultural monument.Vučo's house on the Sava was erected during the flowering of "Sava settlement", by the project of the аrchitect Dimtrije T. Leko as a representative two-storey dual purpose building for the merchant Đorđe Vučo. Shops were located at the premises of the ground zone, while the upper storeys were intended for housing. In terms of space, the building is the counterpart to the opposite building of the Belgrade Cooperative. Wikipedia

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Belgrade Sunset Cruise

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Sava, Belgrade

Enjoy the breeze and scenic views during the Sava and the Danube rivers cruise! Leave the city hustle and bustle, relax and enjoy these majestic rivers during a 1.5-hour cruise, Pass by the Great War Island on our way to Zemun, town with its Millenium (Gardos) tower. Zemun is one of Belgrade's municipalities today, but until the middle of 20th Century it was a separate town. Enjoy the view of the Belgrade fortress from different perspectives, and get to know about its construction and exceptional strategic significance. The view from the boat of the stunning bridges is also unforgettable!

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