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Hollókő is a Palóc ethnographic village in Hungary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its name means "Raven-stone" in Hungarian. Wikipedia


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Easter in Hungary: Private Trip to Hollókő or Mezőkövesd

Hollókő Street, Budapest

Experience the Easter festivals in Hollókő or Mezőkövesd, probably the most famous in Hungary, on this private, fully customizable guided tour from Budapest. Choose which town you would like to visit to admire traditional folk costumes and take part in such traditions as Dousing Day, egg painting, and sampling local Easter dishes. This private tour offers personal attention for just you and your travel companions (a maximum of five).

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Full-Day Private Trip from Budapest - Hollókő Ethnographic Village - Eger Castle

Hollókő Street, Budapest

Explore the preserved traditional rural village of Hollókő See the characteristic peasant houses from the 17th-19th centuries Meet the Palóc people that live in the village and observe their way of life Explore the picturesque town of Eger and see the northernmost Turkish minaret Visit Eger Castle, dominating the picturesque town along the cobblestone streets of Dózsa György tér

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Day Trip to Hollókő (Visit the Village, the Castle and a Secret spot)

Hollókő Street, Budapest

Hollókő is one of the most beautiful day trip destinations in Hungary. From picturesque mountains and over a century-old charming buildings to castle ruins and unique gastronomy, this tiny village has a lot to offer to curious travellers. The village and its surroundings offer a unique insight into what life used to be like in rural Hungary before the 20th century. Anyone can have this experience now and see these undiscovered hidden spots, places that are incredibly beautiful, same as they were back in time.

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