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Discover Banff National Park - Day Trip

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Resorts Of The Canadian Rockies, Calgary

There is no written script on this day! Every stop will wow you more than the previous one. You will be laughing and enjoying the ride in between every incredible destination, you will see unique wildlife, and you'll have a personal photographer the entire day so you can make friends back home jealous about your trip to Banff! I will show you my favourite secret spots in the mountains! These are not popular tourist places, they are breathtaking and full of life. They are crowd pleasers, and once you are in the know; don't tell anyone else. We will do a short hike if you're up for it, or walk a bit on an area with low elevation gain if you prefer. One thing is for sure, YOU will love the entire day in the Canadian Rockies. This trip is all about wowing you and hearing ahs and ohs all day long, come join us in this adventure, quest, day tour!

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Lakes, Glaciers & Thrilling Peaks of Banff National Park | Off the Beaten Path

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Resorts Of The Canadian Rockies, Calgary

Easily one of the most beautiful winter wonderlands in Canada, Banff National Park overwhelms with views of the Canadian Rockies. The park's star attractions are all glacial lakes, which look spectacular once these lakes freeze over. Your tour will turn into a winter wonderland transformed into a beautiful drive of solitude and wonder. Perfect time to enjoy views of thrilling peaks and get some fresh air, cold-weather. Driving through snowy conditions and icy park roads can be hazardous unless you have a vehicle equipped for winter driving. Jeeps are built to withstand and handle extreme weather conditions. With an experienced driver, special winter tires, extra ground clearance, and four-wheel-drives - these can help get safely during your tour. * Note Road and access to Moraine Lake is closed from October till June

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Banff & Yoho Parks | Lake Louise | Moraine Lake | Emerald Lake - PRIVATE TOUR

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Resorts Of The Canadian Rockies, Calgary

The best of Banff National Park and Yoho National Park — including Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Emerald Lake, Natural Bridge and the towering Takakkaw Falls, on this full-day of PRIVATE SIGHTSEEING TOUR. Discover some of the most awe-inspiring natural scenery of the Canadian Rockies, with so much time to spot some of the area’s diverse wildlife, you won't be rush to enjoy every moment of the places, Exclusive just for your group means no more waiting for others and we can explore more of the less touristy part of the area. Why Book a Private Sightseeing Tour? ✔️Gain access to exclusive experiences ✔️ Go when you want to go, no more waiting ✔️Take the trip you want, the way that you want it ✔️ You may not know what you don’t know - We are Local ⚠️ If you have any tour requirements in mind please don't hesitate to contact us so we can customized it exclusively for your group.

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Survival Hike

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Resorts Of The Canadian Rockies, Calgary

This is a 3-hour long family survival skills session in a beautiful outdoor 'classroom' in the Canadian Rockies. You will join your guide on a leisurely 5km hike or snowshoe through a beautiful forest. Along the way, learn about the wildlife that calls Kananaskis home. Learn to follow and analyze animal tracks and signs along the trail. Your guide will show you a wide variety of wild edibles along the trail and teach you what to do should you encounter a bear. Learn to start a fire without a lighter, using materials collected on the hike. Feel like one of the original explorers of the wild west as you sip a tea made from local plants and enjoy the views. Each family/cohort will be challenged to build a shelter using basic emergency supplies. Your guide will offer feedback and as a group, you will discuss the best place to build a shelter and what you would look for should you ever need to survive in the backcountry.

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Jasper National Park 2-Day Tour

Resorts Of The Canadian Rockies, Calgary

****No Hidden Fee Departure**** Flash Sales for May 21st Departure (Book before 4/20 to enjoy 10% off) Explore the largest national park in the Rockies. Climb on board an all-terrain Ice Explorer and head on to the surface of the Athabasca Glacier. Walk on, feel and drink from the ancient ice while you learn about glaciers and icefields. Continuing on Skywalk to view features waterfalls, wildlife, fossils and more on an exciting 1-kilometre walkway that leads to a platform where glass is all that separates you from a 918-foot (280 m) drop. You will enjoy the town of Jasper’s beautiful sights, Maligne Canyon and the crystal blue waters of Maligne Lake. At Maligne Lake you have a chance to take an unforgettable cruise to Spirit Island (Optional).

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