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The Great Auckland Craft Beer Hunt

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200 Riccarton Holiday House, Christchurch

The Great Auckland Craft Beer Hunt started in 2018 and has a 4.93 rating on Airbnb with more than 100 positive reviews! New Zealand craft beer is exploding, it's the nuts. So much choice, so many unique beers to try. If you join us on one of our evenings out we’ll take a gentle stroll to a beautiful bar down by the water which rotates it’s beer taps continuously. We drink new sours, witbiers, ipa’s, apa’s, stouts, lagers, pilsners and heaps of others you’ve never tasted! Then we wander through the city until we get to an historical brewpub which brews on site. Our last location, a lively New Zealand pub is situated in the party district on Auckland's oldest bar street. As well as the beer, there’s great local food, you’ll learn about the city, and meet locals and fellow travelers. We run five nights a week.

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