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Elitch Gardens was a family-owned seasonal amusement park, theater, and botanic garden in the West Highland neighborhood in northwest Denver, Colorado, United States, at 38th and Tennyson streets. For more than a century Elitch's was one of the most popular entertainment destinations in Colorado. It was nationally known for its luscious gardens, the Trocadero Ballroom, the Theatre at the Gardens and the premier wooden roller coaster, Mister Twister. The park moved to downtown Denver in 1994 and later became Six Flags Elitch Gardens . Wikipedia


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familybonding#recollection#travel Elitch Garden theme and water park in Denver Colorado,.Fun for whole family,we had a ...

June 3, 2021

All Rides at Elitch Gardens Ranked | Top 6 Coasters

Today I ranked my top 6 coasters at Elitch Gardens. This is my home park, so I felt these rankings were pretty accurate, but I like to ...

September 19, 2020

Top 10 rides at Elitch Gardens - Denver, Colorado | 2022

Join us today as we count down the top 10 rides at Elitch Gardens including such attractions as Twister 2 and Tower of Doom.

July 22, 2022

What's the latest with the plan to redevelop Elitch Gardens?

There's a massive development project planned for the land next to the park and eventually the park itself. Denver says it's in the ...

May 2, 2022

Elitch’s garden in colorado

Villalobos Family in Elitch's Garden in denver Colorado.

February 12, 2019

Elitch Gardens Full Park Walk Through with Hyde & The Legend

Go for a walk through Elitch Gardens amusement park in Denver, Colorado with The Legend & Hyde. This video shows off all the ...

April 28, 2019

Top things to do in Denver Colorado during summer | Face Painting at Elitch Gardens Theme Park

FacePainting #ElitchGardens #WaterPark #AmusementPark #ToddlerTraveler #DenverColoradoTourism #ThemePark ...

April 7, 2020

Denver Vlog Days 3+4: Lucile's creole food (YUMMY!), shopping, Elitch Gardens, Mimosas @ Mimosas

Wah Gwan, Goodie! Good things do come to an end 🙁 For the last leg of the Denver Colorado trip, we tried DELICIOUS creole ...

June 29, 2021

Worst Park in America? My Experience at Elitch Gardens - Denver, Colorado

This is the worst park I've been to, based on my experience at Elitch Gardens on July 5th, 2018. Video Credits: David Ellis, Half ...

April 27, 2020

What Elitch Gardens Does Right (Eliches Response Video)

After the alarming 10k views on my last Elitches video, it was time for me to please the people and talk about all the things that ...

June 17, 2021

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