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Gruž is a neighborhood in Dubrovnik, Croatia, about 2 km northwest of the Old City. It has a population of approximately 15,000 people. The main port for Dubrovnik is in Gruž as well as its largest market and the main bus station "Libertas". While historically a manufacturing and industrial base for Dubrovnik, today it is one of the city's main residential areas along with Lapad and Mokošica. Wikipedia


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Half-Day Elafiti Islands Private Speed Boat Tour by Quicksilver 675

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Gruž, Dubrovnik

From the main port of Gruž, it only takes about 20 min to get to the Elaphiti Archipelago, so a Half Day Tour is great for those looking for a bit of adventure and some beautiful nature close to town. Of the three main (inhabited) islands, you can easily visit one or two in a half day. Some of our guests make it to all three islands in the four hour time slot, but if you want to spend time in the sea, this will probably feel rushed. Islands are ideal if you like swimming and snorkeling. Our skippers know all of the best spots. If you want to visit some of the islands’ historical villages instead, you might consider the old Monastery and Rector’s Palace on Lopud. Since this is a private tour, you get to decide on your own itinerary and you are free to change it throughout the day. Your skipper can advise you about the area and help you make the most of your time. It’s 100% flexible, and it’s 100% up to you.

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Dubrovnik Hinterland Private Tour with Culinary Experience

Gruž, Dubrovnik

It is not for nothing that people say you eat the best in the smallest local taverns. We add to that – you drink the best there as well. And nowhere so hospitable, relaxed, and homey. The hinterland of Dubrovnik pampers us with authentic home-made, historical gastronomy. Enjoy the best panorama spots of Dubrovnik landscape. We will take you to see unforgettable scenery of Ombla, Dubrovnik river, make a stop at Dubrovnik bridge overlooking the bay of Gruž, this is more than a must-see trip!

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