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The Blue Nile , also known as the Abbay River is a river originating at Lake Tana in Ethiopia. It is the major tributary of the Nile Basin Watershed and is also referred to as the "Blue Nile" once it is in the territory of Sudan. With the White Nile, it is one of the two major tributaries of the Nile. The Blue Nile supplies about 80% of the water in the Nile during the rainy season. Wikipedia

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Historical-tour Lalibela Gonder & Bahir Dar

Nile, Ethiopia

This is a unique experience to Northern Ethiopia known important historical sites which is the source of the blue Nile . Lake Tana islands with Ancient Monasteries , the magnificent Rock Hewn Church Lalibela Built in 12th Centuries and the City of Gonder The powerful kingdom of king Fasiledes and the only Ancient Camelot found in Africa . the Semine Mountain the highest peak in Ethiopia and the home of endemic walia ibex and chelada baboon the Red Fox

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Day trip to Debre Libanos Monastery and Portuguese Bridge

Nile, Ethiopia

The monastery of Debre Libanos was founded in the late 13th century by Abune Tekle Haimanot and is today famous for its miraculous spring. The new church that stands beneath a cliff on the edge of the gorge has beautiful stained glass windows and mosaic figures on the facade. The Portuguese Bridge - was not as it’s name suggests built by the Portuguese but was in fact built in the 19th century by an Ethiopian, called Ras Dargein. It as built in the style of the 17th century bridges around the Nile. The view in this area is simply breathtaking, with a waterfall and a deep gorge leading down to the Jemma River valley. It is also a habitat of several rare birds (lammergeyer, Abyssinian ground hornbill, endemic banded barbet, Abyssinian woodpecker and much more) and endemic Gelada baboons.

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