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The Brothers Grimm is a 2005 adventure fantasy film directed by Terry Gilliam. The film stars Matt Damon, Heath Ledger and Lena Headey in an exaggerated and fictitious portrait of the Brothers Grimm as traveling con-artists in French-occupied Germany, during the early 19th century. However, the brothers eventually encounter a genuine fairy tale curse which requires real courage instead of their usual bogus exorcisms. Supporting characters are played by Peter Stormare, Jonathan Pryce, and Monica Bellucci. Wikipedia


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Kassel Private Walking Tour With A Professional Guide

Brothers Grimm Festival, Germany

At the shores of the Fulda river, Kassel is the largest city in the northern part of the Hesse federal state. This city was severely bombed during World War II, having been 90% destroyed. During its post-war reconstruction, its cityscape became a mix of renovated old buildings and 1950’s architecture. Kassel is also famous in connection with the Brothers Grimm, the popular collectors of fairy tales, great researchers, and famous German writers who lived in the city during the 19th century. Explore the various outdoor works in the city center and experience all the history deeply rooted in Kassel, and learn the difference between some of the Brother Grimm’s originals and the way they are portrayed today.

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