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Photogenic Nuremberg with a Local

Handwerkerhof Nuremberg, Germany

This Experience is provided by a private Local. Each LocalBini Experience is conducted in a small group of up to 8 people. Come with me to discover the city of Nuremberg through your camera lens! Join me on this short city walk for the unique opportunity to get to know the city from an insider’s point of view and take stunning pictures of it at the same time! Our walk will take us from the Albrecht-Dürer-Haus to the Handwerkerhof. While you use your camera to capture the beauty of Nuremberg, you will also get to discover local spots and hidden gems that a typical tourist tour won’t show you. Treat your curiosity by discovering an alternative side of Nuremberg and all the unique beauty it has to offer! Don't forget to book the Experience at a suitable time to have the best light possible for the pictures! You cannot leave the city without having captured the beauty of the Pegnitz from the Fleisch Bridge!

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