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The Imperial City of Nuremberg was a free imperial city — independent city-state — within the Holy Roman Empire. After Nuremberg gained piecemeal independence from the Burgraviate of Nuremberg in the High Middle Ages and considerable territory from Bavaria in the Landshut War of Succession, it grew to become one of the largest and most important Imperial cities, the 'unofficial capital' of the Empire, particularly because Imperial Diets and courts met at Nuremberg Castle. The Diets of Nuremberg were an important part of the administrative structure of the Empire. The Golden Bull of 1356, issued by Emperor Charles IV , named Nuremberg as the city where newly elected kings of Germany must hold their first Imperial Diet, making Nuremberg one of the three highest cities of the Empire.The cultural flowering of Nuremberg, in the 15th and 16th centuries, made it the center of the German Renaissance. Wikipedia


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Medieval Nuremberg Walking Tour with Guide

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Imperial Castle Of Nuremberg, Bayreuth

From the city of Nuremberg today you can tell many stories and know the most representative, but in addition to Albrecht Dürer, Kaiserburg, Weinstadel and Christkindlesmarkt, there is another Nuremberg, partly forgotten, the Medieval and Hidden Nuremberg. What will we see? • Witches and witchcraft: when the hunting of sorceresses was the solution. • Medieval legends with characters like the devil, the boy who cheated and knights who flew with their horses. • Fountains of madness, love and death: From the source of the fools to the source of married life • Trades in medieval life: Mendel's book • The least desired job: the executioner • The most feared trade: witchcraft • The spark of Nuremberg, or like the invention, made Nuremberg a brand • Kaspar Hauser: the orphan of Europe, or as palace intrigues came to light • The city wall and its coordinates • Weißgerbergasse: the most medieval alley in the city. • And many stories

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Nuremberg Day Trip from Munich

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Imperial Castle Of Nuremberg, Bayreuth

Travel to Nuremburg by train on a full-day trip to one of Germany's most beautiful cities. Enjoy a fully-guided visit of the city, as well as an optional visit to the Documentation Center on this rail tour from Munich. Nuremberg is a beautiful, old city with a vibrant history. This was where the Third Reich strutted in all of its pomp against an epic backdrop of grandiose marching grounds. It was also where an international war crimes tribunal later held that same Nazi leadership to account amidst the rubble of the defeated city.

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Nuremberg Old Town and Nazi Party Rally Grounds Walking Tour in English

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Imperial Castle Of Nuremberg, Bayreuth

Combine Nuremberg’s beautiful Old Town sights with a visit to the Nazi party rally grounds (Reichsparteigelande) on this must-do 4-hour English-language tour. While exploring the medieval city by foot, seeing top sites like the Schöner Brünnen (Beautiful Fountain) and Nuremberg Castle’s Imperial courtyards. After a lunch break, spend time exploring the Nazi party rally grounds. Learn about the city during the days of the Third Reich (Nazi Germany) and hear about the famous Nuremberg Rallies while checking out sites like the Congress Hall and Luitpold Arena.

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Nuremberg Third Reich and Jewish Quarter Walking Tour

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Imperial Castle Of Nuremberg, Bayreuth

For centuries, Nuremberg was the secret capital of the Holy German Roman Empire, here the well-known Diets of Nuremberg were held, assemblies where the emperor of the Holy Empire met with the prince electors. For this crucial importance was chosen as a propaganda center during the Third Reich. Hitler considered Nuremberg the heir of the Germanic traditions, the capital of the congresses, wanting to keep alive the memory and the legacy of the powerful Germanic Empire of the Middle Ages in the Nazi structure. Such was its significance that here resided one of the greatest representatives of anti-Semitism of the regime, Julius Streicher, the owner and promoter of the weekly Der Stürmer. The city acquired the title of German city par excellence, being presented as the most loyal locality to the regime of all.

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Nuremberg Old Town Walking Tour in English

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Imperial Castle Of Nuremberg, Bayreuth

Explore Nuremberg’s postcard-perfect Old Town on a 2-hour walking tour in English. Steeped in antiquity, the city has been at the forefront of pivotal eras throughout Germany’s history. With a past that harks back to the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg was also the cradle of the German Renaissance and one of the main locations of the Third Reich (Nazi Germany). Learn the history and see a collection of the city’s must-visit sites, like St Lawrence Church, St Sebald Church, Albrecht Dürer Platz, the Imperial Castle and Nuremberg Hauptmarkt (marketplace).

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