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Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia and the source of the Blue Nile. Located in Amhara Region in the north-western Ethiopian Highlands, the lake is approximately 84 kilometres long and 66 kilometres wide, with a maximum depth of 15 metres , and an elevation of 1,788 metres . Lake Tana is fed by the Gilgel Abay, Reb and Gumara rivers. Its surface area ranges from 3,000 to 3,500 square kilometres , depending on season and rainfall. Wikipedia


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5 days Axum, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela Trip

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Lake Tana, Gondar

The Historic Route is one of the greatest treasures of Ethiopia .Nowhere else in the world can you see riches of man’s past such as those in the northern part of Ethiopia most of them are registered by UNSCO as world heritage site. A history that stretched back to the time of prehistoric man the 5th century B.C pagan temple of Yeha, Debre Damo monastery, the 12th century rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the medieval castles of Gonder, the famous Blue Nile fall with the 13th century painting monastery of Lake Tana at Bahir Dar spectacular scenery, peoples, customs landscape Riches that cover the history of Ethiopia.

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Bahir Dar Tours

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Lake Tana, Gondar

visit to the peaceful waters of Lake Tana is truly memorable experience for visitors from near and far. The first view will take your breath away: a vast expanse of water stretching as far as the horizon to form Ethiopia’s largest lake. The “Smoking Water” falls of the Blue Nile are one of the most spectacular sights on the whole of the Nile system. The Blue Nile leaves Lake Tana and travels for around 30 km through papyrus thickets and fields before plunging over a sheer chasm, cascading 45 meters and thundering onto the bare rocks below.

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2 Days Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes Tour from Addis Ababa

Lake Tana, Gondar

Enjoy the freedom of stopping at different viewpoints to enjoy the dramatic view of the Ethiopian part of the Great East African Rift Valley by drive with a comfortable air conditioned Toyota Minivan, and learn from your professional experienced English speaking tour guide of the Ethiopian birdlife at the Rift Valley Lake of Ziway. Meet local families and partake a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, and see the bird life of the lakes and wildlife of the Abiyatta Shalla Lakes National Park. The tour also includes visiting the unique and still operational rock carved church of Adadi Mariam, Tiya Steles (a cemetery dating back to 12th – 14th Century AD and UNESCO World Heritage Site), and walking by Lake Ziway to spot a number of lowland water birds. The tour includes a total of 580 km drive in two days. On Thursdays or Sundays, experience local culture at the colorful weekly held cultural market at Adadi town.

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Day trip in Bahir Dar

Lake Tana, Gondar

Bahir Dar is situated on Lake Tana, which is dotted with island monasteries some dating back to the 14th century. Its 30 odd islands represent today a unique natural habitat for plant life. The Blue Nile Falls are a waterfall on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. They are known as Tis Issat in Amharic, when translated,means "smoking water" They are situated on the upper course of the river, about 30 kilometers downstream from the town of BahirDar and Lake Tana. Show less

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Full day tour in Bahir Dar

Lake Tana, Gondar

This is full day tour in and around Bahir Dar city. Bahir Dar is the capital of Amhara people regional state and one of the most beautiful cities in Ethiopia. This tour provides you a chance to catch up the ancient monasteries on Lake, blue Nile falls and Bahir Dar market. The tour will start from 08:30 and ends at 17:30 hours everyday. Pick up and drop off point can be airport or hotel. On this tour you have also a chance to buy local goods such as as traditional clothes and souvenirs.

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Lake Tana, Ethiopia

Lake Tana (also spelled T'ana, Amharic: ጣና ሀይቅ, Ṭana Ḥäyq, T'ana Hāyk'; an older variant is Tsana, Ge'ez: ጻና Ṣānā; ...

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Bahirdar Ethiopia, Save Lake Tana

Save Lake Tana.

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What is Lake Tana ?

Nile Story, Episode 1 : Lake Tana We did this short video to sum up the main uses and issues of Lake Tana. Understanding what ...

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Goha the enchanting hotel of Gonder

November 21, 2019

The future of Gorgora,South Gonder Ethiopia.

Gorgora is located south of Gondar on the north shore of Lake Tana, in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region Ethiopia.

May 10, 2021

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