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Scorpius is one of the constellations of the zodiac and is located in the Southern celestial hemisphere. Scorpius is one of the 48 constellations identified by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. Its old astronomical symbol is . It is an ancient constellation that pre-dates the Greeks. Wikipedia


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Cruise to Kefalonia, Ithaca & the beaches around Lefkada

Skorpios, Greece

The cruise departs from Nidri, passing many bays and villages, including Vasiliki and sailing round the southern tip of Lefkas islnad, known as Sappho’s leap. The first stop is at the stunning bay of Porto Katsiki and the imposing Egremni beach. Your journey continues on to Fiskardo Kefalonia, a picturesque fishing village and the only one left standing following the catastrophic earthquake of 1953. The next stop is on the island of Ithaki, believed to be the home of Odysseus. \ Here you can enjoy a swim at Afales beach. On the return journey the captain will take the baot inside the famous Papanikolis’ cave, where a submarine lay hidden during the 2nd World War. The last part of the cruise takes you around island of Scorpios, otherwise known as the Onassis island. Here you will be told the history of the tragic family and there will be time for a last swim. Return to Nidri passing the island of Madouri or Poet’s island.

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Full-Day Sea Kayaking Tour in Lefkada

Skorpios, Greece

These are the highlights of the Sea Kayaking Full Tour: You will explore the amazing caves in Desimi Chance to swim in the uninhabited islet of Thilia And also reach the famous island of Scorpios, once the home of the great Onassis. The dazzling inner archipelago of Lefkada island is considered to be one of the safest seas in the world due to the mild weather conditions. Nydri, Skorpios, Meganisi are only some of the spots we will explore together, and are all ideal for active travelers who seek authentic destinations off the beaten path! A wonderful sea adventure awaits us full of beautiful images to take back home!

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