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On the trail of the Greek Mythology

Taverna Keri, Greece

Visit the valley of the 1000 Windmills and get all the secret information’s of the Cretan people. Visit a traditional mountain village and a typical Cretan family on the way to the Lassithi Plateau, the birthplace of Zeus. On the road there, you learn about the history of the God father and his siblings. You"ll visit the birthplace of Zeus while enjoying the nature surround. We'll finalize the day with a delicious traditional meal with many dishes in one of the best Tavern. We’ll meet villagers and listen to their story's about their life.

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Temple Of Poseidon - Athens Sunset Riviera Tour of Senses

Taverna Keri, Greece

You will be given city insights and very useful information about what locals are doing & going. Seasonally according to Greek custom we explain the traditions. We help you to localize and soon you will end up being in Piraeus. At the "edge" of Piraeus seeing the Historical Walls that they used to Protect Us from the Pirates and this is how the Story begins. From there you'll be visiting various marinas, expensive and unique suburbs, doing stops at local Shops they offer traditional herbs and more. Secret lake in Athens? Yes, you'll get access to see it and we'll take you amazing photos at the place. Guaranteed food experience no matter if you are vegetarian, fish or meat lover in a traditional Tavern on "top of the Waves". The magical Sunset is almost there but you are also there. Enjoy the undeniably Best sunset in Athens next to the 2500-Year-old Temple of Poseidon. Tour of Senses and History embracing strong emotions along with your friends or family.

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