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Los Guachimontones is the largest Late Formative to Classic period pre-Columbian archaeological site in the state of Jalisco. Situated in the hills above the town of Teuchitlán that provides the namesake for the culture that built the site, Los Guachimontones is part of the Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila UNESCO world heritage site and a major tourist attraction within the Tequila Valleys. Los Guachimontones is one of several dozen Teuchitlán Culture sites within the Tequila Valleys, though it is by far the largest site in terms of both the number and size of its ceremonial buildings. These buildings, called guachimontones after the site name, are bulls-eye shaped buildings consisting of several distinct architectural elements that constitute a whole structure. Wikipedia


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Private day tour of Guachimontones & Tequila

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Guachimontones, Guadalajara

In this private tour only you and your group will participate, so a personalized high-quality experience is guaranteed. * Min. 2 persons required. My name is Diego. I have a bachelor's degree in tourism and a master in social studies from the University of Guadalajara. I created this experience to introduce travelers to the history and culture of one of the most representative regions of Mexico: the Tequila Valley. In a fun and relaxed way you will learn how the inhabitants of the valley managed to build a complex biocultural system of production of agave, from which tequila is made. With a private guide and a private driver you will visit: • The circular pyramids of Guachimontones. • The agave fields. • A family-owned distillery of artisanal tequila. • The village of Tequila. During our tasting experience you will learn how to properly drink artisanal tequila, how to tell between good and bad tequila, and the latest trends in the industry.

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Day Tour in Hacienda la Labor and Guachimontones Archeological Site

Guachimontones, Guadalajara

This tour will take you to know two parts of the history of Mexico, from pre-Hispanic times in the archaeological site of the Guachimontones knowing its circular pyramids unique in its kind and the time of the colony with the beautiful ex-Hacienda la Labor witness of the passage of the time that has persevered over the centuries for you to discover it

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Private Tour Guachimontones Archaeological Site from Guadalajara

Guachimontones, Guadalajara

Take a time to visit the museum in the area, where you can watch a video explaining about the civilization that lived at the archaeological zone of Guachimontones. On this tour, your guide will take you to explore the archaeological zone and its main areas: The Circle 1 or Great Guachi; the Iguana or Circle 2; the central altar of the Azquelite, the Circle 4, the ball games and the chinampas. You will have time to have lunch in one of the restaurants from the area (on your own). You can eat meat, seafood or Traditional frog legs!

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Guachimontones Pyramids Tours From: Guadalajara

Guachimontones, Guadalajara

Discover the pre-Hispanic cultures that have flourished in this region since 400 B.C. Meet the cultural, mythological contribution, and more of this archaeological site declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. We will walk through a population surrounded by natural beauties, in addition to unique circular pyramids in the world. Please get to know its story told by its tour guide will show you many fun activities. You will visit the archaeological museum of Guachimontones, inaugurated in 1998 inside the House of Culture of Teuchitlán; you can see ceramic figures with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic characteristics from different periods and models with recreations of shooting tombs and a mural photo with an aerial view of the Guachimontones archaeological site.

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Guachimontones - Archaeological ruins in Guadalajara

Guachimontones, Guadalajara

During this tour we will visit the Guachimontones, unique concentric archaeological ruins of their kind, located between Magdalena and Teuchitlán. We continue our visit to the "Phil Weigand" museum, where a video of the Teuchitlán tradition will be shown.

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