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The Lighthouse Route is a scenic roadway in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It follows the province's South Shore for 585 km from Halifax to Yarmouth. Wikipedia


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Peggy's Cove Day Trip from Halifax

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Lighthouse Route, Halifax

Enroute to this seaside village pass-by the Halifax Public Gardens, a quiet oasis amid a cosmopolitan city; see the Citadel National Historic Site, a fort perched high above the city; the Old Town Clock, a gift given to the city by Prince Edward the Duke of Kent in 1803; as well as other notable landmarks such as Province House, the naval dockyards and the famous Halifax waterfront boardwalk. As you travel along the winding coastal highway of the Lighthouse Route to the tiny fishing village of Peggy’s Cove, it is little wonder it has been an inspiration for artists and an irresistible lure for budding and seasoned adventurers for generation after generation. The colorful houses and fishing shacks perched atop the solid stone rocky outcrop that overlooks the restless waters of the Atlantic exhibit the wear and tear of the ocean and its punishing storms. Yet they endure, much like the small population of approximately 32 people who are year-round residents.”

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Peggy’s Cove/Mahone Bay & Lunenburg

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Lighthouse Route, Halifax

Join us as we explore the heritage of the Lighthouse Route and learn the stories behind Peggy’s Cove, Chester, Mahone Bay and Lunenburg, when and why they were settled, the history of the fishery and the natural history of the Atlantic Coast.... Discover the connections between coastline, geology, landscapes, climate and natural resources that have sustained these communities for some 250 years -- the ship building and fishing: the gold rushes of the 1800s: the aquaculture and Christmas tree farming of today. Learn about the “who-what-when-why-and-where” of settlements by foreign Protestants, the economic contrasts between the in-shore fishery of Peggy’s Cove and the off-shore fishery of Lunenburg, the local architecture, the triumphs and tragedies of wooden ships and iron men. Explore at your own pace or join our complimentary walking tour of Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg`s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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