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Cho Lon’s Scents, Sights and Sounds

Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Ho Chi Minh City

It is hard to imagine that something is even more vibrant and alive than downtown Ho Chi Minh City, but Cho Lon is just that kind of place. With its distinctly Chinese character, the sounds, sights and smells of Saigon’s Chinatown are home to the Minh Huong (Chinese origin) and are worth half a day of exploration. This morning tour will take you to the heart that it is so traditional Cho Lon and learn more about the values, cultural differences and religious practices that define this part of Ho Chi Minh City. • Wander through the old streets and alleys of Cho Lon • Learn about the Chinese way of living in Saigon • See how bargaining continues to fill the air of the city • Pay respect to the Goddess of the Sea at Thien Hau • Try some of the local snacks and dishes, unique to Vietnam

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Hue Day Tour - Bike to Thuy Bieu Village

Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Ho Chi Minh City

Located on the Southern bank of Huong river, around 7 km from Hue city center, Thuy Bieu is well-known as a lush green and rustic Hue countryside. The village is not only famous for tasty pomelo but also a hundred year-beam houses with ancient architecture. In spring, Pomelo flower scents when it's blooming. In the Fall, ripe pomelo can be found anywhere in the village. You will pass by several ancient temples, communal houses and traditional crafts on the your way. Besides, you will have a chance to prepare some special Hue patties named: “banh loc”, “banh nam” etc., with local people. Leaving hectic life of urban and taking the tour, you will enjoy an unforgettable trip in a typical Hue village.

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