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Sandboarding is a boardsport and extreme sport similar to snowboarding that involves riding across or down a sand dune while standing on a board, either with both feet strapped in or while standing loose, without bindings. Sandboarding can also be practised sitting down or lying on the belly or the back. It typically involves a sandboard, although it is also possible to use sleds, surfboards, a skateboard deck, or snowboards. Sandboarding has adherents throughout the world, but is most prevalent in desert areas or coastal areas with beach dunes. Wikipedia


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Sandboarding Experiance in Lima

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Sandboarding Peru, Ica

Sandboard is an exiting sport that makes you feel free. "Now is not necesary travel hours away from Lima"  In just a few minutes you can be riding the best sand dunes in Lima only one and a half hour from the city. And to get to the starting point we are going to croos the desert in and of road adventure. Come and have the best experience in the desert

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Full day PRIVATE to Paracas, Ica and Huacachina from Lima All Inclusive and Lunch

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Sandboarding Peru, Ica

Discover the most beautiful landscapes in a full and private day of pure adventure towards Paracas and Ica. You will be able to see the Humboldt Penguins and Sea Lions on a yacht tour to the Ballestas Islands, includes lunch with an option for Vegetarian food (includes starter, main course and drinks), visit a local winery where you can taste all types of wines and some types of Piscos from Peru, you will be able to see the processing of the wine, visit the Huacachina Oasis in Ica, climb the Buguis (tubular) in the desert of the Dunes and you will be able to slide through the desert on Sandboard. The full day is private, we have vehicles for all passenger capacity, it includes Snacks to eat on the way, we pick up at any Hotel or Address and return to it at the end of the tour, this excursion is one of the most outstanding in Peru with many combined activities On a day full of charms, it is recommended to wear light clothing, slippers, sunscreen and sunglasses.

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Sandboarding Off Road in Lima Half Day!!

Sandboarding Peru, Ica

it is a very popular sport and you do not need previous experience to do it. we have qualified people for these activities. This activity is perfect for people who have a little experience in snowbordard or have practiced a sport on board and wish to venture into Sandboarding. You do not need to travel many hours to do this sport. *** There is no extra charge.  *** 100% private tour. Live The Best Experience In The Desert!!! includes:  pick up and droop-off  in your hotel.  sandboard equipment  qualified intructor.  snacks and water. Do not forget to bring: sunscreen . sunglasses . comfortable clothes.   Do not forget to send us a message to mail or number whatsapp at making your reservation.

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City Tour + Buggie & Sandboarding (From Ica)

Sandboarding Peru, Ica

Do you want to get away from the routine and do not know how? What do you think of a trip? You do not need to go so far from Lima ... come to Ica and you will discover the best combination of Escape + Relax + Adrenaline !! Try the best Pisca and Ica wines and live an adventure enjoying a ride through the desert in the sand carts and practicing Sandboarding. Enjoy the lagoon of Huacachina, better known as "The Oasis of America", where we will make an adventure tour enjoying the famous Sandboarding sport and the sand carts. Visit one of the main artisan wineries of Ica: "El Catador".

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Sandboarding Peru, Ica

Paracas and Pisco Route with Sandboarding in Huacachina Small group - Almost private - Do not rush in Big Groups. Visit Ballestas Island and Taste our national drink - PISCO! Buggy and Sandboard tour included Do not take taxis to Bus station, Do not be a mess in Big Groups. Make it friendly and enjoy the experience! Pick up and Drop off included from barranco, Miraflores... Thinking in all for you.

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