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Chandrapur district is a district in the Nagpur Division in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Chandrapur was the largest district in India until the Gadchiroli and Sironcha tehsils were split into separate districts in 1981. In 2011, the district population was 2,204,307.Chandrapur district is known for its super thermal power station, and its vast reserves of coal in Wardha Valley Coalfield. Chandrapur also has large reservoirs of limestone which is a raw material for cement manufacturing in the district. Wikipedia


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Houses of Goa- Chandor

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Chandrapur, India

We are in the city of Chandrapur which also happens to be the Oldest known capital of Goa. Picture the days gone by where it had armies, fortifications, battles and flourishing trade. Right from the Bhojas to the Silaharas, Chandor was a thriving settlement due to the connectivity that the river Kushavati provided to the travelers. The village is famous for the legend of the Queens curse that was brought upon the village as a result of treachery of the warriors of the kingdom. We will be exploring Chandor as it stands today speaking of its rich past and we meet the current generation of the family members of one of the most prestigious heritage homes in the village. Join us as we take a look at Chandor through its houses.

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Chandor Heritage Trail by Make It Happen

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Chandrapur, India

Get insights about the history of Goa dating back to the era of empires and dynasties This tour highlights the kaleidoscope of history to be found in the hinterland of South Goa. Immerse yourself in pre-Portuguese history dating back over 1000 years, when Chandor then known as Chandrapur was a buzzing trade center. The walk begins at St. Tiago Chapel in Chandor and then leads into sites and ruins of historical importance that date back over 1000 years, followed by the scenic view of the Kushavati River. We visit a heritage house that predates the Portuguese era and contains interesting artifacts which highlight Kadamba era.

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