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Karimnagar is a city and District Headquarters in the Indian state of Telangana. Karimnagar is a major urban agglomeration and fifth largest City in the state. It is governed by Municipal corporation and is the headquarters of the Karimnagar district It is situated on the banks of Manair River, which is a tributary of the Godavari River.It is the fourth largest and fastest growing urban settlement in the state, according to 2011 census. It has registered a population growth rate of 45.46% and 38.87% respectively over the past two decades between 1991 and 2011, which is highest growth rate among major cities of Telangana. Wikipedia


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Culture & Food of Delhi

Karimnagar, India

Get set to experience Delhi’s finest food-walk dotted with rich culture and gastronomic delights of 16th century old Mughal city, Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi). As the markets come alive, we will enjoy finest culinary delights from the streets of Old Delhi and hidden food places a traveler can’t find on their own. The food trail will include snacking at 78 years old Snacks shop, sampling mouth-watering traditional Indian sweet (Jalebi), savouring crunchiest chicken & juiciest kebabs and many local delicacies. We will dive into culture by visiting preserved Jain Havelis from 18th century and ponder over the art, architecture and beauty of this chaotic and colourful place & local vibe over a nice cup of Tea. We will then walk towards Jama Masjid (Delhi’s largest mosque) and break for the sit down meal at Karim’s (over 100 years old) savouring Mughlai curries and breads while observing the ever busy Old Delhi streets and awe inspiring beauty of the walled city.

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