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Magnet Hill is a "Cyclops hill" located near Leh in Ladakh, India. The layout of the area and surrounding slopes create the optical illusion of a hill. The hill road is actually a downhill road. Objects and cars on the hill road may appear to roll uphill in defiance of gravity when they are, in fact, rolling downhill. Wikipedia


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WanderOn Leh Ladakh Roadtrip Biking & Backpacking

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Magnetic Hill, India

Ladakh Road trip is not just another destination in a traveler’s bucket list, but it is a dream in itself. A bike trip to Ladakh doesn’t create stories, it creates CHRONICLES! Ladakh is a poet’s best poem, a painter’s best painting, and a photographer’s best muse. As the altitude rises, the landscapes en route to Ladakh change like shots of a motion picture. The mighty Himalayan Mountains, pristine glacier lakes, and beautiful valleys make Ladakh for nature’s wonder that it is. Always keeping you high on adrenaline, an adventure trip to Ladakh through the world’s highest passes rewards you with the most breathtaking views you could ever imagine. Watching your vehicle defy the laws of gravity at the Magnetic Hill, zooming through the Gata Loops, or riding through KhardungLa Pas, a trip to Ladakh is the ultimate adventure you can think of!! It’s time to tick these activities off your bucket list with WanderOn’s Leh Ladakh Package for 2021! Go on and create your own Ladakh Chronicles!

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Mussoorie Walking Tour

Magnetic Hill, India

Mussoorie is a beautiful Hill station, which is also known as ‘Queen of Hill’. Captain Frederick Young Founded Mussoorie around 1820, He was the first Man to Build the House in east Mussoorie, later he starts growing the Potatoes on the farm which is known by the name of Landour Market know days, From 1820 till 1940 the British people had Constructed many School, Roads, Air House in Mussoorie. Mussoorie walking Tour Start from Library Chowk & End up on another side of Mussoorie which is known as Picture palace. The Walk will take Almost 1hr 30min, Guide will explain about the Mountains, Historical places which are found during the walk. There are a lot more places which were built up during the time of British and they are still found in Mussoorie.

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Trek to Benog Tibba

Magnetic Hill, India

If you are Nature Lover & want to do hiking in the Mussoorie then Benog hill is the Best place to visit during your Holidays. The Hike starts near the Cloud End’s & Finish on the same point after visiting Benog Hill. On the top of Mountain, there is a temple of Goddess Jwala Devi, People from Mussoorie & nearby Village visit the temple to take blessing. The Benog Day Hike will take only 2hr to visit the temple & Come back same way, If Someone want to make the trek long then they can take the route from Benog Hill to Dhobi ghat and from there they can make the trek up to Company Bhag. It will take Minimum 4hr to complete the hike from Cloud End - Benog Hill – Dhobi Ghat – Company Bhag.

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Skandagiri Camping and Sunrise Trek

Magnetic Hill, India

Skandagiri Overnight Camping & Sunrise Trek How about an overnight camping with your friends around a bonfire, with lots of fun and ample rest before you prep-up for the upcoming early morning trek. Just a few miles from Skandagiri is our campsite in Nimai valley where you can have a great camping ‘under the stars’ experience. We provide this option to our trekking enthusiasts who don’t want to give up on their sleep to enjoy the early morning view at Skandagiri. So we say – Sleep, Thrill and Chill before you trek up the Hill! Haha! Skandagiri Sunrise Trek At Sunrise Trek we offer you a unique trekking experience where you can join us for a group booking or fixed departure trek with the slots available. All bookings for the sunrise trek at Skandagiri must be informed in advance to avail a confirmed slot.

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Private Custom Excursion Tour to Likir from Leh with Guide

Magnetic Hill, India

Join us for the private full-day sightseeing tour & explore the majestically beautiful city Likir city in private transport with a local guide. Enroute Likir, visit the popular Magnetic Hill, which defies the law of gravity. Admire the snow-capped, mighty Himalayan range during the journey.

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