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The Indiana State Museum is a museum located within White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The museum houses exhibits on the science, art, culture, and history of Indiana from prehistoric times up to the present day. The museum is also the site of the state's largest IMAX screen. Wikipedia


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Chicago Tour - South Side

Indiana State Museum, Indiana

The Blue-Collar side of Chicago many call it! This tour will show The Ford Factory, home of the steel mills, the blue-collar neighborhoods and many places on the South Side, home to the 44th President of The United States, Barack Obama. We tour Bronzeville! A historical African American neighborhood and early business district as well as Hyde Park, home of the World renowned University of Chicago (the spot where the atomic bomb was born and yes we show the spot!) We explore South Lake Drive and life along the lake. Chicago has a border with Indiana, we show how that special dynamic works. We visit Beverly Hills, Chinatown, and the large and highly populated Puerto Rican Neighborhood “Little Village”. We also pass through Pilsen, a proud Mexican community. Cook County jail, we pass by it too! We go thru Little Italy Greektown. It’s blue-collar! We visit a lime quarry in the Bridgeport neighborhood. After this tour you will know tons about The Southside of Chicago.

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