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The Kingdom of Singapura was a historical Malay kingdom thought to have been established on the main island of Singapore , from 1299 to 1398. Conventional view marks c. 1299 as the founding year of the kingdom by Sang Nila Utama , whose father is Sang Sapurba, a semi-divine figure who according to legend is the ancestor of several Malay monarchs in the Malay World. The historicity of this kingdom, based on the account given in the Malay Annals, is the subject of academic debates, and many historians only consider its last ruler Parameswara a historically attested figure. Archaeological evidence from Fort Canning Hill and the nearby banks of the Singapore River has nevertheless demonstrated the existence of a thriving settlement and a trade port in the 14th century.The settlement developed in the 13th or 14th century and rose from a small Srivijayan trading outpost into a centre of international trade in the Malay Archipelago, India and the Yuan Dynasty. Wikipedia


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