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Basilicata , also known by its ancient name Lucania , is an administrative region in Southern Italy, bordering on Campania to the west, Apulia to the north and east, and Calabria to the south. It has two coastlines: a 30-km stretch on the Tyrrhenian Sea between Campania and Calabria, and a longer coastline along the Gulf of Taranto between Calabria and Apulia. The region can be thought of as the "instep" of Italy, with Calabria functioning as the "toe" and Apulia the "heel". The region covers about 10,000 km2 . Wikipedia


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Crypt of Original Sin tour with transfer

Basilicata, Matera

This place is one of the ancient testimonies of rocky art in the South of Italy. Its wonderful frescoes underline the typical aspects of a Benedictine art. This cave church is also called Sistine Chapel, thanks to the religious and cultural value of its frescoes. On top: • a unique gift idea. • The Sistine Chapel of the south of Italy. • One of the most fascinating and particular work of arts in Basilicata.

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Pietrapertosa walking tour: memorable villages and landscapes near Matera

Basilicata, Matera

Pietrapertosa is a small mountain village in Basilicata at 1088 meters above sea level. It is located inside the Park of Gallipoli Cognato and the Little Lucanian Dolomites and is surrounded by fantastically shaped sandstones. Pietrapertosa Saracen fortress acquired importance with the Normans. The guided tour will take you to know the area of Arabata, the oldest and most striking of Pietrapertosa. In the walking path in the historic center. The tour continues by visiting the solar clock, the sundial of Pietrapertosa and the many staircases: alleys carved into the rock. The guided tour ends with a visit to the magnificent Norman-Swabian castle, formerly Saracen fortress, dominating from the top of the rocks. As an alternative to the classic historical-archaeological itinerary, one can choose to undertake the "Path of the seven stones", a naturalistic-trekking path that connects the municipalities of Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano to be covered in about ninety minutes

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Matera&Alberobello tours from Naples

Basilicata, Matera

In only one day, you can visit all south Italy in about 11/13 hours, you can travel in 3 Region of south Italy, start from Campania - go to Basilicata (stop Matera ) - go to Puglia (stop Alberobello) in this year Matera is the cpital for toursim in Europe, Alberobello is a special city with a special house name trulli, this is a long trip, long travel from and come back Naples, but you have the last model car for a full confort, from air con to wi-fi free on the board, you start from Naples with a day sun and come back with a sunset. for who like travel, this is a special day.

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Metaponto: 3-Hour Guided Tour to the Archeological Site

Basilicata, Matera

Metaponto is one of the most important ancient cities in Basilicata and has been symbol of the Hellenic culture. It is characterized by important archeological sites such as the Archeological Park of Apollonio Licio and the wonderful Tavole Palatine.

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Tasting of Lucan craft beers and high quality niche products

Basilicata, Matera

The event cannot be considered a simple tasting of craft beers and Lucani niche products. Thanks to the presence of real professionals in the sector, your can be considered a real sensorial journey, in which you will be led by the hand through the different scenarios of Basilicata. Our products are the result of careful research and selection from the best producers in the entire region. For years the most uncontaminated scenarios and the highest quality raw materials have been sought. Quality and not quantity, this is our motto. Behind the preparation of each food there are centuries of tradition and folklore making it a unique piece. The "TYPICAL" project was born out of this strong desire to keep tradition alive, while never taking its eyes off development.

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