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Fatahillah Square is the historical center of the old Batavia. The square is located at the center of Jakarta Old Town. Today the square is a tourist area home to the Jakarta History Museum, Wayang Museum and Fine Art and Ceramics Museum in Kota, Jakarta. Wikipedia


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Private Full-Day Tour of Jakarta with Lunch

Fatahillah Square, Jakarta

Are you curious about how Amsterdam is hidden within Jakarta? Our tour guide will take you on a journey for you to discover the enticing story of how Jakarta began. The first stop is at The National Museum of Jakarta. Prepare to be dazzled by historical artefacts and live out the anthropologist’s dream. Our next stop was originally known as Pecinan, but since the Dutch Colonial era, it was changed to Chinatown. Discover cultural diversity and ancient history as you walk through the streets. Follow your guide as you walk to Fatahillah Square and explore the Fatahillah Museum. Admire the cyclist's Dutch-influenced architecture, the drawbridge, also known as the Diamond City Bride. It might just trigger a memory of Amsterdam. Indulge in a lovely lunch at a Batavia café and then, with bellies full, walk to your final destination, Sunda Kelapa Harbour. After a day’s walking, you will feel enriched by the story of Jakarta and in deep awe for its ancient history.

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