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The Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum is a museum about gold leaf in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Wikipedia


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Gion Private Tour - The Birthplace of Geisha

Higashiyama, Kanazawa

Gion (祇園) is part of the Higashiyama or “Eastern Mountain” area of Kyoto. It’s one of the famous geisha (called “geiko” in Kyoto) districts in the city, stretching from Yasaka Shrine in the east to the Kamo River in the west, and from the Shirakawa Canal in the north to Kenninji Temple in the south. Gion started around the Edo period (1603–1867) and originally developed to serve the needs of pilgrims to Yasaka shrine. Many tea houses opened up and these became famous spots for resting and enjoying tea after a morning of visiting shrines and temples. It ultimately became the home of tea houses, geisha and night entertainment. The first official geisha were licensed in Kyoto in 1813, 53 years before the Meiji Restoration, but some believe their culture is linked to dancers and performers from the 11th century. Catching a glimpse of a geiko, with her white face and beautiful kimono, rushing to an appointment in the narrow streets of Kyoto’s Gion district is a moment of pure magic.

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Cycling at Kyoto Higashiyama (Shimogamo jinja, Ginkakuji temple, Gion, etc)

Higashiyama, Kanazawa

Let’s ride on a bike to explore Higashiyama, the most popular area among Kyoto, where many famous temples and shrines concentrated in. This area is well-known about its jam-up, since thousands of tourists visit at all times of the year. Resulted in overcrowded buses and even if you are luckily get in, the bus may not move forward. There are so many bus services provided by several companies which makes you confused. Yet people surround you maybe also tourists like you who know little about the area. Let’s not waste your time reading maps, waiting for buses, and traffic jams. After we leave Kyoto station, we will guide you several places: Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, Shimogamo jinja, Ginkakuji temple, Tetsugaku-no-michi Street (the philosophers' path), Eikando, and Nanzenji temple. We continue pedaling to Gion area then the most busiest area of Kyoto, Sanjyo and Shijyo-kawaramachi. You can either drop the bike at the place where the tour ends or keep pedaling until Kyoto station.

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Tour à vélo dans le quartier Higashiyama de Kyoto (Temple Ginkaku-ji, Gion, etc)

Higashiyama, Kanazawa

Que diriez-vous de profiter des alentours de Higashiyama, un des meilleurs lieux touristiques de Kyoto à arpenter à vélo ? Higashiyama centralise un grand nombre des temples dont les plus renommés de Kyoto, c’est pourquoi il attire un grand nombre de touristes chaque année. Y aller en bus est possible mais vous serez surement bloqué par des embouteillages et risquerez de ne pas pouvoir profiter pleinement du site ! De plus, il existe plusieurs lignes de bus de compagnies différentes, et s’y aventurer peut paraître assez compliqué. Un séjour à Kyoto est précieux, il est donc dommage de perdre du temps à regarder les plans. Au départ de la gare de Kyoto, vous serez guidé(e) au parc Kyoto-Gyoen, au Sanctuaire shinto Shimogamo, au Temple Ginkaku-ji, à la Promenade des philosophes, au Temple Eikan-do, et au Temple Nanzen-ji. Vous visiterez aussi le quartier commercial Sanjyo et Shijyo-Kawaramachi. Vous pouvez aussi au choix continuer à vélo jusqu’à la gare de Kyoto.

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