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Chitlang is a village located in Thaha Municipality of Makwanpur District, Bagmati Pradesh, Nepal. Wikipedia


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Quad Bike Nepal

Chitlang, Kathmandu

QUAD BIKE NEPAL (QBN) is adventure-tourism-based service/ activity which is established in the year 2019 with the motive to promote adventure-tourism in the regional Nepal. You can enjoy the quad bike adventure through rice fields, plantations, crossing the jungles, mud tracks, cultural heritages of traditional village in Chitlang. Have a new experience riding ATV for an hour through village, jungles and dusty muddy off road in Chitlang. Beautiful nature with helpful people in small valley. Thrilling experience riding quad first time in Nepal. Feel adventure riding quad bike

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Chandragiri Sunrise, Downhill Mountain Biking to Chitlang & Boating in Kulekhani

Chitlang, Kathmandu

Chandragiri Hilltop Sunrise, Downhill Mountain Biking to Chitlang & Boating in Kulekhani is undoubtedly one of the top unique or fun or unusual things / activities to do in Nepal. Categorized as 'One of the best and unique experiences to have in Nepal', this tour is exclusively created by Nature Lovers Treks and Tours, only for you.

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Chitlang Village Trek 3 Days

Chitlang, Kathmandu

Chitlang is about 22 km from Kathmandu in the South West direction. Before Opening of TRIBHUWAN RAJPATH (High way to link India and Kathmandu), CHITLANG was only one “On foot Highway” to get the Southern part of Nepal. Normally, motors carry people; it is only the place in the world, where motors used to carry by people because there was not road Kathmandu valley and BHIMPHEDI (a place near Terai Region of Nepal). There are lots of evidences, which show that there was civilized society in ancient centuries. Many temples with amazing wood and stone carving, artistic rest houses, stone taps, available inscription of centuries long are the proof of those civilized society.

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Chitlang Markhu Overnight Hiking Trip

Chitlang, Kathmandu

Chitlang is an ancient Historical Places located in Makawanpur district. It is a place famous for its organic vegetable and animals farming. You can visit the amazing pear farming. It is just about to 12 KM away from Katmandu and a best place for them who wants to hike nearer to Kathmandu. While hiking you can see the amazing forest around the Kathmandu valley, cool wavy air and moderate climate will make your trip much easy and comfortable. After reaching to Chitlang you will be surprised to feel the amazing differences. Fresh air, greenery environment, helpful local people will make you feel special Hiking to this place is suitable for whole year. You can observe typical newari culture, local life, boating in a lake where there is a crystal clear fresh water. Home Stay is the central attraction of this tour beside it you can enjoy the organic pear farming, sheep farming, and fishery as well as the dairy products.

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Chitlang Markhu Guided Hiking and Overnight Tour

Chitlang, Kathmandu

Located at 1833 m, 22 km south-west of Kathmandu Valley in mid-hills called Mahabharat Range, Chitlang is a hiker’s paradise. Markhu is another place, mostly popular as Indra Sarovar. It is the largest man-made lake in Nepal. It is just a night trip to explore both of these two marvellous places near Kathmandu valley. Mind-blowing view of the beautiful landscape is the main attraction for hikers as the place offers the view and a peaceful time to yourself in a night. Green forest and Himalayan Range of North will take your breath away.Chitlang is a typical Nepali village with beautiful setup of houses and hills all around.Chitlang organic village resort located there is famous for its pear garden and the special local pear wine that is produced over there. The well-organized pear garden over the hills of Chitlang has beautified this place very much. Also, other important places include the oldest Cheese factory of Nepal and several temples.

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