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Pažaislis Monastery and the Church of the Visitation form the largest monastery complex in Lithuania, and the most magnificent example of Baroque architecture in the country. Church of the Visitation is the most marble-decorated Baroque church of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It is situated in the Petrašiūnai elderate of Kaunas, Lithuania, on a peninsula in the Kaunas Reservoir near the Kaunas Yacht Club. It was declared a cultural monument and a site of Catholic pilgrimage in Lithuania. Wikipedia


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PAŽAISLIS MONASTERY - Best European Filming Location 2020 by EUFCN

The Pažaislis Church and Monastery Complex in Kaunas (Lithuania) is the winner of the fourth edition of the EUFCN Location ...

March 2, 2021

Visiting Kaunas, Lithuania | Travel guide from a local

Hello everyone and welcome to Kaunas - the second largest city in Lithuania. I'm so exited to make this video because I grew up ...

June 30, 2021

Pažaislis - Monastery and Church Area Kaunas / Lithuania - Bike Ride

Pažaislis - Monastery and Church Area Kaunas / Lithuania - Bike Ride.

December 10, 2020

Kaunas, Lithuania 🇱🇹 in 60 seconds ( Top Attractions )

Just as the previous Vilnius edition, I wanted to do the same for Kaunas and provide a compact 60-second clip including the top ...

July 4, 2021

Lithuania: Kaunas city; Churche of St Francisa; Monuments to Maironis and Vladislav Starewitch

Lithuania: Kaunas city; Church of St. Francis - Temple built in 1649; In 1824 he was transferred to the Orthodox; In 1989 he was ...

May 31, 2022

VISIT KAUNAS IN 5 MINUTES ( In the Heart of Lithuania )

In the heart of Lithuania, Kaunas is a city that might seem compact at first, but once you start discovering it, you'll realise that ...

April 28, 2020

Kaunas | Pazaislis Monastery

Hello residents of the world! In this video i wanted to show you one of the well-known places in Kaunas If you traveling to ...

June 14, 2021

Kaunas, Lithuania - Top Places To Visit - Silvija Travel Tips - Unravel Travel TV

Kaunas is the second-largest city in Lithuania after Vilnius and has historically been a leading centre of Lithuanian economic, ...

January 27, 2016

Winter wonderland in Pazaislis monastery, Kaunas, Lithuania - Aerial drone video

Winter wonderland in Pazaislis monastery.

January 11, 2021

Pažaislis Monastery - Lithuania 2019

Beautiful Monastery near Kaunas Lithuania. Thanks to Orinta Stankeviciute at Email: [email protected] ...

May 26, 2019

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