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Village Tour - Nyamata Church Genocide Memorial

Nyamata Church Genocide Memorial, Kigali

This remarkable community visit covers the history and amazing progress achieved in Rwanda. Visit the very epicenter of the genocide - Nyamata Church Genocide Memorial - and hear directly from a survivor. Then move on to see the incredible progress and prosperity we today in Mayange village with an optional visit to the local health center and a women’s weaving cooperative.

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A Survivor's Story as a Guide at Rwanda's Genocide Memorial | Short Film Showcase

As the head guide at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, Serge Rwigamba leads heads of state and VIPs such as Angelina ...

April 9, 2016

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, Rwanda

The Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre serves as a vivid reminder of the between 800000 and one million people who died during ...

November 20, 2013

Reflections at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda

My visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, that commemorates the Rwandan genocide when more than 800000 people were ...

May 11, 2022

Ntarama Church (Genocide Memorial Site), Rwanda

Ntarama Church was the site of the massacre of 5000 people - mostly women and children, during the 100-day Rwandan ...

February 13, 2016

The Horror of Murambi (Rwanda's rawest genocide memorial is stomach-churning & life-changing) 🇷🇼

From the town of Butare, I hopped on board a minibus and headed to the town of Nyamagabe, the launching point to the site of the ...

July 8, 2020

Ntarama Church Memorial - 1994 RWANDA Genocide

Visit the Ntarama Church in Rwanda, a memorial to 5000 genocide victims. Estimates are that half a million Rwandan citizens ...

January 22, 2010

Members of SIGNIS Africa visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial

Welcome to the Official Youtube Channel of Archdiocese of Kigali, Established on April 10, 1976 for the service of Evangelization ...

July 12, 2022

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre Tour

During my 8 hours transit in Kigali, Rwanda I had a chance to visit Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. The place where the remains ...

April 11, 2018

Establishing the Kigali genocide Memorial

May 14, 2014

Visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda.

October 25, 2021

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