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The Akashi Kaikyō Bridge is a suspension bridge, which links the city of Kobe on the Japanese mainland of Honshu to Iwaya on Awaji Island. It crosses the busy Akashi Strait as part of the Honshu–Shikoku Highway. It was completed in 1998, and has the longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world, at 1,991 metres . It is one of the key links of the Honshū–Shikoku Bridge Project, which created three routes across the Inland Sea. Wikipedia


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Private Tour - Tour by the Sea! Stars! Worlds Largest Suspension Bridge!

Akashi-kaikyo Bridge, Kobe

Welcome to the seaside town, Akashi! Experience a romantic cycle along the longest bridge in the world, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. First, we will rent a bicycle and head for the Bridge. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and spot some trendy cafes. If you admire the sea long enough you will feel the romanticism Akashi has to offer. At the foot of the bridge, take a visit to the memorial hall of Magofumi, the founding father of China. Admire the same scenery he saw as he was pursued by his country and burnt during the revolution in Japan. Finally, visit the Akashi Municipal Astronomical Science Museum, and enjoy the planetarium. Want to experience the rich nature and scenery? Your tour starts here!

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