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The Kyivan Rus Park is a historical park and cultural center of Kyivan Rus', near Kyiv, Ukraine. "Bread and circuses" await guests of Rus Park every weekend: shows, cultural and historical festivals, horse-stunt shows, international championships in ancient martial arts. The park is the only one of its kind, where large-scale medieval battles, knightly battles are played out in authentic historical entourage, historical championship battles are held. The uniqueness of the park is that it integrates Rus culture with that of medieval Europe. Wikipedia


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Shooting Gun Range in Kiev

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Парк Київська Русь, Kyiv

Visit Shooting Range Club in Kyiv and start getting unforgettable experience in shooting with real guns such as: legendary AK-47 made in USSR (caliber 7.62X39) what is well known in all over the World and Colt Competition Pro CRP-20 Sniper Rifle made in USA (caliber 7.62X54) Shooting Club situated close the Kiev in 30 minutes drive in picturesque countryside.  Shooting provides on the Outdoor Firing Range Kyiv on the targets in distance 15 meters by pistols and by guns and rifles in distance 50 meters, 75 meters and 100meters.

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Kiev Best Sights Private Half-Day Tour

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Парк Київська Русь, Kyiv

We offer the best itinerary on foot, by car or van to cover the main attractions of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. This tour is well suited for those who are for the first time in Kiev. The Tour could be conducted by Car or Van depends on amount of people, but in a good weather we recommend to order a Walking Tour because all attractions are pretty close to each other in Kiev. The tour by car or van includes a visit to the Statue of the Motherland.

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"Ancient Kiev" - walking tour

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Парк Київська Русь, Kyiv

I believe that almost every nation in different period of history were in the bloom. Just remember Maya, Roman, Portuguies, Osman Imperia’s..etc.etc… The same happened here – in Kiev! From 10 till 13 century there were a huge state bigger than nowadays Ukraine - called Kievan Rus. With strong and powerful leaders, who’s name’s somehow remember even teenagers (and we all know that young people are not big fans of history only when its Game of Thrones or Tanks) After this tour you will defiantly be shocked about Kiev age and beauty (usually it is not so easy to stay in a good shape after so many years). You will know a little bit of our history, see top 5 places in Old town and have some fun in a good company. What we will see:  Golden Gate  St.Sophia Cathedral  Bogdan Khmelnitsky monument  Old Kiev hill  Andriivska church  St. Michael Cathedral  St.Olga&St.Andrew  Vladimirsky hill  European Square

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Kiev Nightlife Tour - Bars, Music and Craft Coctails

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Парк Київська Русь, Kyiv

Taste your way through Kiev’s thriving cocktail scene with the help of an insider guide. Take a leisurely nighttime walking tour of the modern city centre, sipping drinks at three stops along the way. Enjoy the company of a private guide, learn about classic and innovative cocktails, and get tips on the best places to eat and drink in the town.

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Kiev Full Tour - History and Architecture in 5 hours

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Парк Київська Русь, Kyiv

Gain a deeper understanding of Kiev's history with a guided walking tour. You’ll hear about the significance of the noteworthy sights and learn local legends! There are so many things to see in Kiev, but only so much time to see them. Go on a comprehensive walking tour and you’ll discover all of the city’s major attractions in just five hours.

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