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Kameoka is a city in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. As of October 1, 2015, the city has an estimated population of 89,479, with 33,915 households and a population density of 398 persons per km². The total area is 224.80 km². Wikipedia


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Kyoto Japanese Bamboo Basket Weaving in Kameoka

Kameoka, Kyoto

【HIGHLIGHTS】 Get pleasure from creating art work by yourself Be familiar with Japanese artifact Touch bamboo that you are rarely exposed to Use the finished work in your daily life Fully enjoy the nature of Kameoka 【DETAILS】 Using the bamboo strips plaited into a square-shape, you will weave 'Shikainamikago' basket. The four side walls of the basket will be woven with bamboo strips to create wave form. That is why the style of weaving is called "Four-ocean-wave basket." You can learn the history and the ideas of the bamboo fence. The bottom part of the basket is already prepared so even a beginner can weave a nice bamboo basket easily. The finished basked is suitable for a vase, fruit basket or accessory box. You can appreciate the bamboo fence made with a high level of skill equivalent to a Living National Treasure. There is a shop that displays and sells interior knickknacks. The bottle stand made of beautifully processed bamboo from Kyoto is especially popular.

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