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Kyoto City Zoo is a zoo located in Sakyō ward, Kyoto and was established in 1903, making it the second oldest zoo in the country after Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. The Kyoto City Zoo is a member of the world Association of Zoos and Aquariums . Wikipedia


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Geisha Dinner Show in Kyoto at a Traditional Machiya with a Garden

Kyoto City Zoo, Kyoto

Highlights of the geisha dinner show at MAIKOYA For centuries, travelers to Japan have been fascinated by the mysterious geisha and mesmerized by the alluring effect of the flower and the willow world. Now the doors of this secret world are opening to you! You will feel as if you’ve traveled back in time when you step into our historic teahouse – a registered Cultural Heritage Property designated by Kyoto City. We prepared the perfect geisha dinner plan along with engaging activities and explanations about the geisha tradition that will make this experience the highlight of your trip to Japan. We are located in the heart of Kyoto so you never have to worry about the meeting point or finding your group!

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Kyoto Sake Tasting and Cruise Half Day Tour

Kyoto City Zoo, Kyoto

A trip to meet your favorite sake by visiting the sake brewery or tasting, tasting the sweets made with sake, and having the perfect snacks, is a premonition that any liquor master will discover "something". On this tour, you will also take a Fushimi Jikkokubune Boat Cruise where you can enjoy the port town of Fushimi while being blown by the gentle breeze. ★Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum is a renovated sake brewery in the late Meiji era, where you can learn about the history of Fushimi sake brewing and the laurel wreath. There are various highlights such as an exhibition of sake action tools designated as a tangible folk cultural property of Kyoto City! ★"Fushimi Jikkokubune Boat Cruise": You can enjoy a waterside trip with a row of sake breweries and willow trees as if you had traveled back in time to the Edo period. ★Kizakura Kappa Country is a traditional izakaya operated by a famous brewery. Here you will experience a comparison of 9 types of Kizakura-Sake.

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