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Xiangkhouang is a province of Laos on the Xiangkhoang Plateau, in the nation's northeast. The province has the distinction of being the most heavily bombed place on Earth.Originally known as the Principality of Muang Phuan , the present capital of the province is Phonsavan. The population of the province as of the 2015 census was 244,684.Xiangkhouang Province covers an area of 15,880 square kilometres and is mountainous. Apart from floodplains, the largest area of level land in the country is on the province's Xiangkhoang Plateau. Wikipedia


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🇱🇦 Top 10 Places To Visit in Laos | 10 Places To Visit In Laos | 10 Best Places to Visit In Laos ❤️

Top 10 Places To Visit in Laos | 10 Places To Visit In Laos | 10 Best Places To Visit In Laos | Laos Visa | Live in Laos | Retire in ...

May 10, 2020

Things to see & do in Vangvieng, Vientiane province, Laos. Laos Tour guide, Lao Horizons Travel.

The video is created for educational and tourism promotion purpose in Laos only. The aim of this video is not just for entertaining ...

July 21, 2017

Things to do in Laos Travel Guide, Top Attractions and Lao Cuisine

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December 1, 2014

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June 13, 2021

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Best-Selling travel gear Deals Vientiane is the capital city of Laos ...

April 22, 2020

Luxury Resort Laos | Things to do at Namkat YorlaPa Eco Adventure Park in Northern Laos | Now to Lao

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February 2, 2019

Top 5 Things You Should NEVER Do in Laos

We have been living in Laos for nearly 2 years and even though it's not well known it has become one of our favourite places in ...

November 21, 2021

10 Things to do: Laos

10 Things to do in Laos in 10 days of backpacking.

December 12, 2016

What To Do In Vientiane Laos | Travel In Laos

For this travel in Laos video, it goes into things to do in Vientiane Laos. I was in Vientiane for a little less than a week. I went to see ...

June 9, 2021

What To Do In Vang Vieng Laos | Travel In Laos

If you plan to visit Vang Vieng Laos, you probably wonder what you can do there. Vang Vieng provides a lot of outdoor activities.

June 8, 2021

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