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The Leiden American Pilgrim Museum is a small museum in the Dutch city of Leiden dedicated to the Pilgrim Fathers . These Separatists or English Dissenters were religious refugees who had fled England to Amsterdam in 1608 and moved to Leiden the next year. They lived and worked in that city for about 12 to 20 years. In 1620, their emigration began. Wikipedia


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Cruise around Amsterdam Lakes

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, Leiden

From the city center of Leiden we will sail you to the beautiful lakes in less than 30 minutes. Once you arrive at the 'Amsterdam lakes' you can enjoy the Dutch polder landscape. This area is characterized by shallow lakes and islands. The islands are polders and are still being drained by 18 restored polder mills in operation. Most of these mills can be seen during the cruise. We will sail along polders with cows in the meadow, islands with historic windmills, colorful bulb fields and beautiful views. The lakes are littered with sailing boats and small boats, it cannot be more Dutch!

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Visit three amazing cities: The Hague, Delft, and Leiden on a private tour

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, Leiden

Your private, eight hour tour is 100% flexible, and the itinerary is up to you. We have listed some suggestions, but perhaps you love museums, or shopping, or food! Then just let us know and we can tailor this experience to whatever you desire. Your local guide/driver will pick you up from your Amsterdam accommodation, taking all the stress out of getting there. In The Hague, see the scenic city where the Dutch government is seated and where you’ll find Dutch landmarks such as: the Vredespaleis, the International Court of Justice, Paleis Noordeinde, the embassies, the upmarket shopping area. Then, head to Delft, famous for it's blue and white pottery, it’s historic city centre filled with students from the renowned University, and as the birthplace of Johannes Vermeer. Lastly, drive back through Leiden, the birthplace of Rembrandt. It is a stunning, University city known for it's architecture and cathedrals!. Your driver/guide will then return you safely your Amsterdam hotel!

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Leiden Ancient and Medieval History: Private Tour with Art Historian

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, Leiden

During your 3 hour tour led by an art historian guide, you will walk in Leiden and at the end visit the inner courtyard of the RMO National Antiquities Museum, see the full size Egyptian temple and then proceed to the exhibition spaces: Egyptian, Roman, Dutch objects of world class. First, take a walk in town and see the hidden man-made mound with a fortress. You may also enter one of the largest churches and according to your taste, visit the botanical garden.

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1 hour Archery Tag in Amsterdam

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, Leiden

Archery Tag Amsterdam one of the latest fads of the moment. Play this challenging game, which is a combination of Dodgeball and Archery with your friends, family or colleagues. Archery Tag is a sport that originates in America. This game is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. Archery Tag is played with a specially developed safety bow and arrows. During the game, players wear a mask to protect their face. If you get hit you will feel it but it does not hurt as much as like paintball where you have bruises the next morning. We charge a minimum of 6 players.

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Touristic highlights of Leiden on a Half Day (4 Hours) Private Tour

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, Leiden

This leisure half day trip in Leiden will fill our heart with love and satiation, the atmospheric university city of Leiden with its countless beautiful museums, canals, and ‘hofjes’ or inner courtyards, Discover the restaurants, squares and terraces in Leiden.There are terrace ships in the canals in the center, making your meal and drinks even more special. Our fun and entertaining guide will make this a memorable experience for you. It is one of the best experiences to immerse yourself into the dutch culture and to fall in love with Holland even more.

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