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Auerbachs Keller is the best known and second oldest restaurant in Leipzig, Germany. Already one of the city’s most important wine bars by the 16th century, it owes its worldwide reputation to Goethe's play Faust as the first place Mephistopheles takes Faust on their travels. Wikipedia


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November 23, 2021

Leipzig Germany Travel Guide: Things to do in Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig Germany Travel Guide: Things to do in Leipzig . What to do in Leipizig Germany if you have 48 hours or less to spend.

April 21, 2022

Things To Do In LEIPZIG, GERMANY | UNILAD Adventure

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June 3, 2018

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October 16, 2020

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Hidden Leipzig full guide: What to see in Leipzig, an hipster ...

September 16, 2017

493 Years Old Restaurant in LEIPZIG, GERMANY! (Goethe’s Faust Auerbachs Keller)

In this video we head to AUERBACHS KELLER in Leipzig, GERMANY. Auerbachs Keller opened in the year 1525 and is one of ...

October 26, 2018

German Food Restaurant "Auerbachs Keller" in Leipzig

German Food Restaurant "Auerbachs Keller" in Leipzig.

November 22, 2017

"LEIPZIG" Top 40 Tourist Places | Leipzig Tourism | GERMANY

Leipzig (Things to do - Places to Visit) - LEIPZIG Top Tourist Places City in Germany Leipzig is the most populous city in the ...

January 28, 2021

Leipzig in 5 minutes 🍀🚕 Visit Leipzig with CleverShuttle

Leipzig is historical, artistic and worth seeing. Perfect for a weekend trip! We discover the city Leipzig and its sights, such as the ...

February 2, 2020

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