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Sembalun Package.. (Special Rice Terrace View)

Sembalun, Lombok

Sembalun Package its about adventure around Rinjani View. - Pick Up Hotel - Sembalun Lawang (View of Rinjani) - Fine Some food - Strowberry Garden - Bukit Selong (RIce Field Fantastic View) -

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Mt Rinjani Trekking 4 Days and 3 Nights

Sembalun, Lombok

Arrival day (Day 0): We will pick you up at any port in Lombok and bring you to Senaru. Day 1: Depart from Senaru to Sembalun, registration, camping at Sembalun Crater rim. Day 2: get to the summit, visit the Crater Lake and hot spring Day 3: continue the hike up to the Senaru crater rim, you can spend the night here to see the sunset or just continue the hike down to Senaru and camp at the part of the route. Day 4: Finish the hike in Senaru at 11am - 12pm

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Lombok Sembalun Landcruise

Sembalun, Lombok

Immerse yourself in the north of Lombok, home to the Sasak tribe, on a full-day excursion that covers half of Lombok island. You'll visit north, east, and central Lombok, and your guide will include sites of particular interest to you. Set out to explore the wild volcanic landscapes of northern Lombok on this full-day adventure and benefit from the flexibility of a private tour. Visit the traditional Sasak Village of Sembalun, enjoy spectacular views of Rinjani Volcano and take a photograph in sembalun , this village somehow is a beautiful village with an awesome view. This journey will impress you from the start the flat valley of Sembalun, surrounded by the massive of the great Rinjani volcano. In the villages of Sembalun, Lawang and Bumbung you will discover Sasak culture at its most original and traditional.

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Full-Day Private Tour in North Lombok

Sembalun, Lombok

Exploring North Lombok: Mountain, Waterfalls and Sembalun (No Lunch) for 10 hrs. This journey will impress you from the start, driving through many kinds of vegetation such as rice fields, villages, rice terraces, forest and hills before reaching the flat valley of Sembalun, surrounded by the massive Rinjani volcano. Pusuk Pass is a viewpoint elevated more than 1000m above sea level and overseeing Sembalun Village. We have a chance to visit Beleq Village, an abandoned traditional Sasak Village and trek to Selong Hill to enjoy a unique panorama of plantations. Local people here work as farmers who used to plant many kinds of vegetables and fruits. If you are lucky you may pick strawberries in the season. Then visit Sendang Gile Waterfall (125m), set among tranquil lush surroundings. On the way back to your hotel, you will pass by the northern coastline which dominated the beautiful black sands and stop by at Malimbu hill for picture taking.

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Lombok Waterfall & Sasak Highland Experience

Sembalun, Lombok

Our guide will meet you at the hotel and we will drive you in private car to north and central Lombok A winding road will take you to Pusuk view point located 400m above sea level. Enjoy the view of green hills,valleys and the ocean in the distance, with the addition of curious grey monkeys on the roadsides. Continue to Sembalun, surrounded by the majestic Rinjani volcano. Meet Sasak People who make up the majority of the island. Most Sasak are farmers and Moslems, but they still worship in sacred places and spirits that live in the forest, mountains or rivers Shorti visit Beleq the first Sasak village, the location between two hills present picturesque although the village is now abandoned due to the recent earthquake. Continue driving to Sapit another scenic village, on the slope of Mt Rinjani at 700 above sea level, rice terrace surrounded by row of hillsand learn about the traditional farming methods.

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