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Century City is a 176-acre neighborhood and business district in Los Angeles, California. Located on the Westside to the south of Santa Monica Boulevard around 10 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles, Century City is one of the most prominent employment centers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and its skyscrapers form a distinctive skyline on the Westside. The district was developed on the former backlot of film studio 20th Century Fox, and its first building was opened in 1963. There are two private schools, but no public schools in the neighborhood. Wikipedia


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The OJ Simpson Tour

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Century City, Los Angeles

The O. J. Tour is the only tour that takes you inside the O. J. Simpson murder trial. I'll show you the crime scene, Rockingham, the infamous Mezzaluna restaurant, and much more. To add an extra layer of realness, we'll do the tour in an actual 1994 Ford Bronco. I'll tell you the story firsthand from my perspective as a Brentwood native who grew up in the middle of the Crime of The Century. I am an expert on the case and the media circus that followed and have been interviewed about the O. J. phenomenon by 48 Hours, Vice, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times.

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All Day San Diego Tour in the GPS Guided Vanderhall GoCar

Century City, Los Angeles

You want to see it all, every little square inch of wonderful San Diego. We get that, which is why we now offer the true Deal of the Century! The All Day Everything Tour is fun for the whole family, and lets you see nearly everything San Diego offers. Experience all of San Diego in style in the 2020 Vanderhall Exotic GoCar which gets 30 mph, 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds! From the historic Gaslamp Quarter where the fun is always happening and the iconic Horton Plaza where the shopping is just as fun as navigating the mall. You can walk around Ocean Beach and San Diego’s famous Maritime Museum, experience the always beautiful Balboa park where a Family photo is a must, and stroll through Old Town San Diego and see how San Diego has changed over the centuries from the small Mission and Mexican community it was to the Most Beautiful City in America. You want to see everything San Diego offers, and after numerous requests we now have it, the ultimate tour. Must be 25 years old to rent

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The Escape Game LA: Epic 60-Minute Adventures

Century City, Los Angeles

Located in Westfield Century City, these adventures offer a one-of-a-kind premium experience. Follow clues and solve puzzles to complete your mission together. You might escape...You WILL have fun! Choose to play one of four uniquely immersive games: - Prison Break: Complete a daring escape from the evil warden! - Special Ops: Mysterious Market: Uncover the truth as a secret agent! - The Heist: Recover a stolen masterpiece from an art thief! - The Depths: Go on an underwater mission in a submarine!

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