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Santa Elena trip: Silleteros and Flower Farm Cultural Tour

Santa Elena, Medellín

Medellín is loco for flowers. Participants in the annual flower festival use 600,000 flowers to create plus-size images of animals, people and objects. See where the flowers come from by visiting a flower farm about 45 minutes outside of Medellín. Chat with the flower farmer, or silletero, and stroll the farm taking in all the flowers and their lovely aromas. Then visit Santa Elena, where farmers produce an abundant variety of tropical and local kinds of flowers. Includes hotel pickup and drop-off in Medellín.

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Medellin Coffee Tour & Spa

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Santa Elena, Medellín

The Arví Eco-Tourism Regional Park is located in the corregimiento of Santa Elena, municipality of Medellín, traveling on the Arví Tourist Cable, which is 4.6 km long. “With the Route of the Arriería we seek that tourists come and live the historical experience and know the importance of the muleteers in Colombia. All this within the experience of living the Coffee Cultural Landscape”. The route will be from Parque Arvi to Don Leandro Coffee Farm and back to Parque Arvi. There we will learn the process of Cultivation of the Best Coffee in the World, the Ancestral benefit of the Coffee process and we will visit the Ancestral Preparation Laboratory. Plant your coffee tree Enjoy the panoramic views of the city, the landscapes of the Eco Park! Enjoy our coffee Spa with relaxation therapies with coffee products

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Sierra Nevada Tour We visit the Koguis and Arhuacos Indians

Santa Elena, Medellín

7 HRS 4x4 departure from your hotel or meeting point in Santa Marta, Taganga, Rodadero, Caribbean trunk, palomino. - 9 hrs arrival the creek path of the sun where we will have breakfast and then you will visit the hill of the breast of the Kogui tribe who will give them Welcome to the region and I will place a protective insurance. Then we will visit the different places of interest of the place. - 11.30 am we continue on our way to the Arhuaco Kandumake village where the breast will receive us here they will also place a protective insurance and will welcome you to his tribe which we can Visit and share with your culture. Then we will have lunch at the beautiful sun farm on the banks of the river Don Diego where you can spend an afternoon laughing. 16 hrs return in 4x4 to your hotel or starting point.

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Private Walking Tour of the Guarne Lagoon in Medellín

Santa Elena, Medellín

Through this tour the visitor will be able to connect with the nature of the place, learn the importance of the cloud forest, enjoy the natural diversity of flora and fauna. You will have contact with the peasant community of Santa Elena, you will learn about the history of the region, you will know archaeological remains of our historical past and you will discover the energy magic of the lagoon

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Forest Hiking and mindfulness experience

Santa Elena, Medellín

Santa Elena is one of the towns near of Medellin located just 30 minutes from the city center fullfield of magic and color, we will cross paths through forests with lots of native species and we can appreciate the fauna and flora of this beautiful region. Even so near the city, we can change the distraction for moments of mindfulness and giving us comfort and tranquility.

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