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High Paying Part Time Jobs for Students in Australia | Jobs for International Students | $800+ /week

Contact us: In this video, I am talking about the best part-time jobs for international students in Australia.

July 16, 2020

Top 12 CRAZY & UNIQUE Things to do in MELBOURNE, Australia

Are you ready to see another side of Melbourne, Australia? We'll take you through some of the quirkiest, unusual and BEST things ...

February 15, 2020

Tips to Get a Barista Job in Melbourne #baristajob #baristalife

Hi guys, The PART 2 of my "Find a Job in Melbourne" is finally up. This specific video will be talking about how to Find a Barista ...

January 1, 2021

$120/hr as an International Student in Australia - How I did it!

jobsinaustralia #jobsforinternationalstudents #parttimejobsforstudents #australia Finding a part-time job in Australia as an ...

May 31, 2020

Finding a JOB in Australia, What You Need to Know (2022)

Do you want to work in Australia but are not sure where to start or what you need? In this video, I give you 8 tips (+bonus tip!)

December 8, 2021

11 Things You MUST KNOW About Australians at Work (2022)

Are you migrating to Australia and starting your first job here? What is it like to work in Australia for migrants? In this video, I talk ...

February 15, 2022

My full time job in warehouse🇦🇺 | My pay ??

Vlog :- 12 In this video I tried my best to tell you about my work in Australia because this was the most requested video. I hope you ...

March 14, 2020

7 BEST Jobs for STUDENTS Australia | Financial Freedom in College | Make Money While at UNI

DON'T JUST WORK RETAIL / HOSPITALITY. Work a job that will help you make BANK and set up your financial future. In this ...

February 3, 2022

Tips to get a job in Melbourne / Australia

Hello you all, This one about tips to get a job in Melbourne or Australia. 12jobs in 15 months-! It was long journey hehe. Please ...

February 26, 2021

Full Cleaning Job Supermarket in Australia | General Cleaning | early morning job

we love Nature, Adventure, making Memories and Education #generalcleaning #earlymorningjob #jobinaustralia ...

March 27, 2021

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