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Sit & Sip by the Fire Pit

Leif Erikson Park, Minnesota

We begin with a celebration of the native Crow Indian tribe who inhabited the land for thousands of years, add a nod to life on the frontier, and conclude with the mission of Erik’s Ranch, and how we found our way to this plot of land so beautiful, it boggles the mind. Play guitar? Bring yours along and join the music and merry-making. Happy sipping and singing ahead!

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Pony Lead a Fun Experience for Young Children

Leif Erikson Park, Minnesota

Looking for something for the younger members of your family? We also offer pony rides at Erik’s Ranch. Show the kids a sweet and memorable time on our pony or one of the gentler horses. A staff member will guide your child around at a gentle walk as you click away at the camera to forever document their adventure. This is a fun experience that allows a young child the opportunity to ride in a safe and controlled setting. Also remember that when you schedule a pony ride at Erik’s, you not only create memories to last a lifetime for your child, but you contribute to our mission.

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