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Saint Nicholas of Myra , also known as Nicholas of Bari, was an early Christian bishop of Greek descent from the maritime city of Myra in Asia Minor during the time of the Roman Empire. Because of the many miracles attributed to his intercession, he is also known as Nicholas the Wonderworker. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, prostitutes, children, brewers, pawnbrokers, unmarried people, and students in various cities and countries around Europe. His reputation evolved among the faithful, as was common for early Christian saints, and his legendary habit of secret gift-giving gave rise to the traditional model of Santa Claus through Sinterklaas. Wikipedia


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Top 10 Things to do in Monaco 4k | Must Do Travels

Monaco is a tiny independent city-state on France's Mediterranean coastline known for its upscale casinos, yacht-lined harbor and ...

February 23, 2019

Top 5 Things To Do In Monaco - Monaco Travel Guide

Top Things To Do In Monaco! In this video, you'll see the Top 5 Things to Do In Monaco. The suggestions are based on our own ...

July 26, 2022

What Are People Wearing in Monaco, Monte Carlo? ft Saint Tropez

What Are People Wearing in Monaco, Monte Carlo? ft Saint Tropez Go CHECK OUT Bobby Misner: ...

January 10, 2022

15 Things to do in Monaco | | French Riviera Travel Vlog

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July 22, 2020

Monaco Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Monaco – What this destination lacks in size, it makes up for in reputation. Join the fairy-tale glamor of this principality with our ...

June 29, 2017

A Weekend in Monte Carlo Monaco | Top Things to Do

If you haven't already, please subscribe! In this weeks vlog I visit ...

March 20, 2019

ULTIMATE GUIDE to MONACO (best things to do)

Nested in the heart of the French Riviera is Monaco, the second smallest country in the entire world. It's known as the billionaires' ...

August 14, 2022

HOW TO DO MONACO ON THE CHEAP! // Monaco Travel Vlog

Monaco is one of the most ridiculously expensive places on earth, but it doesn't have to be. Join me and Turner from ...

August 17, 2017

FREE THINGS TO DO IN MONACO | Setting up for the Grand Prix

The 2017 Monaco Grand Prix has begun & Jaycation explores one of the richest cities in the world before the big race! Find free ...

May 25, 2017

Top 14 Things to Do in MONACO • TRAVEL GUIDE Part 2

As far as countries go, the Principality of Monaco is tiny. With a territory of only 2 square kilometers, it is one of the world's smallest ...

September 4, 2021

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