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The Lachine Canal is a canal passing through the southwestern part of the Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, running 14.5 kilometres from the Old Port of Montreal to Lake Saint-Louis, through the boroughs of Lachine, Lasalle and Sud-Ouest. Before the canal construction there was a lake, Lac St Pierre. The lake and its rivers can be seen on the maps of Montreal of the years 1700, 1744 and on the map titled "The isles of Montreal. As they have been surveyed by the French engineers" . Wikipedia


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City tour; Like a Montrealer

Lachine Canal, Montréal

Go for an urban discovery in Montreal! You will meet the real Montrealers and learn about their lifestyle. You will visit Downtown, markets and shopping areas. You will visit the Montreal underground city and get to use the subway. Your tour will start from Place du Canada where you meet your Montrealer guide and learn about the building that dominate downtown landscape. You shall than follow your guide to visit the underground city and see two of the most reputed shopping centres in town; Les Cours Mont-Royal and Le Centre Eaton de Montreal. Next stop will be at McGill's campus where you will learn about one of the most prestigious Canadian universities and the Golden Square Mile, where the richest Canadians families resides in the 19th and early 20th century. Take the subway with your guide to One of the most attractive farmers markets in Montreal, Atwater Market and admire the nearby Lachine Canal.

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Electric-Bike PRIVATE tour - Fantastic views by the waterside

Lachine Canal, Montréal

3-Hour Private E-Bike Tour: Explore Downtown, Old-Mtl & Old-Port, Expo 67 Islands, Lachine Canal, Village & Latin Quarter Head south through Downtown Area, the Entertainment District which welcomes in summer our famous outdoor festivals up to the Old-Montreal. Bike along the Lachine Canal and the St. Lawrence River and discover the Expo 67 Islands. A journey to understand the historic importance of these places for the Montreal skyline, while having fun cycling on bike paths by the water. Coming back to the E-bike rental shop, doing a loop, we will have the chance to have a glance at the colorful Montreal gay village and the cultural latin quarter. This tour offers great views of the city, the opportunity to have a close look to some architectural icons and some nice breeze while riding by the water and bridges! With the electric assisted bike, everything is so nice and easy! You won't fear any slope! 🙂

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