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Quartier des Spectacles is an arts and entertainment district located in the eastern section of Downtown Montreal, designed as a centre for Montreal's cultural events and festivals. The Quartier des spectacles is a member of the Global Cultural Districts Network. With a total area of almost one square kilometre, the Quartier is bounded by City Councillors Street to the West, Berri Street to the East, Sherbrooke Street to the North and René Lévesque Boulevard to the South, encompassing all of the district known as Montreal's Latin Quarter. First proposed in 2002, the area is intended to house 30 performance halls totalling almost 28,000 seats , international festivals, art galleries and various cultural exhibition and broadcast facilities. Wikipedia


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Downtown Montreal Walk in Quartier des Spectacles (Place-des-Arts) #montrealwalk

Downtown Montreal Walk in Quartier des Spectacles (Place-des-Arts) #downtownmontreal #placedesartsmontreal ...

January 25, 2021

Top 10 Things to do in Montreal 2022 | Canada Travel Guide

In this video, we'll show you the Top 10 Things to do in Montreal 2022. Support our channel by becoming a member: ...

March 18, 2022

Downtown Montreal Walk in Quartier des Spectacles (Montréal en Lumière 2021)

Downtown Montreal Walk in Quartier des Spectacles (Montréal en Lumière 2021) #downtownmontreal #placedesartsmontreal ...

April 3, 2021

Montreal Quebec 2022. Walking Downtown in Quartier des Spectacles (Place des Arts)

The Quartier des Spectacles is the city's major cultural district. At its heart are Place des Arts, a complex with several performance ...

June 9, 2022

Modern Montreal Apartment with Amazing View!! Full Tour - Quartier des Spectacles!!!

We take a tour of this modern apartment located in the Quartier des Spectacles Neighbourhood of Montreal. The apartment was ...

November 20, 2021

Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles | ARound Montreal

We talk about Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles and what we love about it. More info: ...

May 21, 2019

Downtown Montreal's Entertainment District, Quartier des Spectacles, Summer 2020 Canada

Welcome to Montreal's entertainment district – Quartier des Spectacles. Quartier des Spectacles is an art and entertainment ...

September 27, 2020

Downtown Montreal (Winter Decorations at Place des Arts, Quartier des Spectacles) #montrealwinter

downtownmontreal #placedesartsmontreal #winterdecorations Hello guys and welcome to my channel, In this video, I am visiting ...

December 25, 2020

Montreal, Canada | Walking Quartier des Spectacles【4K Walks】

Today we explore the Quartier des Spectacles, a super exciting Montreal neighbourhood. Every year, around 40 events take ...

August 31, 2022

Luminous Art Walk in Quartier des spectacles /Montreal Evening walk

Hello All This video is a walk to Quartier des spectacles to see the huge whale structure . The metal whale is 55 foot long and 5 ...

December 4, 2021

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