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Lubyanskaya Square , or simply Lubyanka in Moscow lies about 900 metres north-east of Red Square. History first records its name in 1480, when Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow, who had conquered Novgorod in 1471, settled many Novgorodians in the area. They built the church of St Sophia, modelled after St Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, and called the area Lubyanka after the Lubyanitsy district of their native city. Wikipedia


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4-Hour Sights of Communism Private Tour in Moscow

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Lubyanka Square, Moscow

Visit the most notable places of Soviet Moscow such as Lubyanka Square, Revolution Square, VDNKh and more. See the Stalinist architecture and get a first hand account of life before and after the Iron Curtain while learning what it was like to live under communist regime. 

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Private Tour of Communist Moscow: Hidden pages of USSR

Lubyanka Square, Moscow

Discover hidden remnants of the Soviet communist regime on this 2-hour historical tour of Moscow, capital of the Soviet Empire for more than 70 years. With an informative local guide, you’ll learn all about the history of the Soviet Union, from the 1917 Great Socialist Revolution to Perestroika, and see important landmarks of the Soviet era, such as the former KGB headquarters and Revolution Square. • Explore important landmarks of Soviet-era communist Moscow on a guided walking tour • Learn about the city’s political history, from the revolution to the end of the Cold War • Walk past monuments, memorials and museums from Lubyanka Square • See Revolution Square and the former headquarters of the KGB • Discover the hidden pages of the Soviet history from the Great October Revolution to Perestroika, from Lenin to Gorbachev • Learn more about Stalin regime, The GULAG system, Secret KGB prison and how people lived in the Soviet Union

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