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TOP Things to do in Wanaka (NZ)

This week the video is TOP Things to do in Wanaka (New Zealand). I recently went exploring Wanaka in the south island of new ...

December 14, 2020

New Zealand Travel Guide: Beautiful WANAKA

TravelWell in New Zealand with our awesome Wanaka Travel Guide! THIS is my FAVOURITE episode from our whole NZ road trip ...

August 29, 2021

What to do in Wanaka | South Island, New Zealand Roadtrip

You can't miss Wanaka on a New Zealand road trip; here are my top 9 best things to do in Wanaka and how to hack Roy's peak!

November 11, 2018

10 FREE or CHEAP things to do in WANAKA NEW ZEALAND!

Hey guys, Here is another video in our series telling you some free/cheap things to do in different cities! ENJOY 🙂 Hit that ...

July 21, 2017

What to do in Wanaka(Adventure day!!)

Whats up guys!! Welcome back to another video!! This week the video is what to do in Wanaka. I hope you enjoy this video! we ...

October 19, 2020

Trip to Wanaka - Lake | 1 Day trip to Wanaka Tree NZ| New Zealand Road Trip | Things to do in Wanaka

Hi friends This video is about or 1 Day trip to Wanaka during our New Zealand Road Trip . We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in ...

July 12, 2020

🥽 Things to Do in Wanaka in 360 - New Zealand VR

See the awesome landscapes and things to do in Wanaka in 360 degrees in this VR video of Wanaka in New Zealand! -- About ...

January 13, 2018

A wonderfully wacky day in Wanaka | South Island, New Zealand Vlog 4/5

Wanaka is a wonderful and picturesque place. With snowcapped mountains and beautiful scenery, we absolutely loved waking ...

November 28, 2020

💚 What are the Best Things to Do in Wanaka?

Juan asked: "What are your favourite things to do in Wanaka?" We talk about what to do in Wanaka and list some awesome ...

February 26, 2019

Van Life & Travel Challenges In New Zealand | Lake Matheson Hike | Reveal NZ Ep.19

Reveal New Zealand Ep 19 and we drive from Lake Matheson, through the Haast Pass and on to Wanaka. But first, the Lake ...

November 14, 2020

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