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The trend of celebrities owning wineries and vineyards is not a recent phenomenon, though it has certainly garnered more attention in today's Information Age. In ancient Greek and Roman times, the leading philosophers, playwrights, politicians and generals of the day often owned vineyards for personal use. Usually celebrities have a large amount of wealth accumulated, which makes the significant investment of opening a winery or vineyard negligible. There are many reasons that celebrities gravitate to the world of wine. Wikipedia


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City Winery Brisbane Wine Blending Workshop

Inner City Winemakers, Newcastle

Blend your own bottle of wine with the winemaker or group sommelier with wine to take home. You will work with the Winemaker or Group Sommelier to blend up your own bottle of wine. You will learn about the various elements that goes into blending a bottle of wine, things like whole bunch, pressings and half-whole bunch and the art of getting the mix right. You get to bottle and seal your own unique blend, label it, and have it signed by the winemaker! A fun, yet informative session that combines wine tasting with wine making principles.

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