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Kyrenia District is one of the six districts of Cyprus. Its main town is Kyrenia . It is the smallest of Cyprus' districts, and is the only one controlled by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in its entirety. A district administration in exile exists in the Republic of Cyprus-controlled part of the island, near Ledra Palace, while the TRNC district has a kaymakam. Wikipedia


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Private Tour to St. Hilarion Castle and Bellapais Monastery in Kyrenia

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Kyrenia District, Nicosia

Join this half-day private tour to two of the most beautiful sights in Kyrenia: St. Hilarion Castle, rumored to be Walt Disney's inspiration for the castle in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Bellapais Monastery, a masterpiece of gothic architecture in Cyprus.

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Private tour to the highlights of Kyrenia from Nicosia

Kyrenia District, Nicosia

This tour is the best option to explore the most important sights of Kyrenia in one day. You will see the Gothic style masterpiece Bellapais Abbey and enjoy the stunning views from Hilarion Castle. After a traditional lunch and a visit of the Kyrenia Harbour castle you can spend some relaxing time at Kyrenia Harbour.

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Tour to KYRENIA from Limassol

Kyrenia District, Nicosia

This tour is designed for lovers of the Middle Ages. The road from Nicosia to Kerynia goes past the mountain Pentadaktylos – which means ”Five fingers” in Greek. Here we will enjoy the legendary St. Hilarion Castle – the main stronghold of the Templars in Cyprus. Then we arrive at the former summer residence of the French royal Lusignans dynasty – the city of Kyrenia. It is the largest city in Northern Cyprus. Stroll through the narrow streets of the Old town, go down to the beautiful promenade to spend your free time. Within the fortification walls of the Venetian Castle explore the Shipwreck Museum housing the remains of the 4th century B.C. cargo ship, from the times of Alexander III of Macedon, and the fragmented goods it carried. Our journey continues to Bellapais Abbey widely renowned as one of the most fascinating Gothic monuments in Cyprus erected by the Crusaders.

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Kyrenia tour plus St Hilarion Castle, Bellapais Abbey and more, lunch included

Kyrenia District, Nicosia

Explore Kyrenia and area on this full-day tour, including a fairy-tale castle in the mountains, the remains of Bellapais Abbey. After lunch, explore the old town of Kyrenia and its lovely horseshoe-shape harbour.

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Private Day Tour in Nicosia and Kyrenia (Nicosia/ Kyrenia Hotels)

Kyrenia District, Nicosia

Kyrenia is located in the north of the island. You have to drive thru the 'Kyrenia Mountain Range' to see the most interesting Abbey which is called 'Bellapais Monastery' 'Kyrenia Castle' is located in Kyrenia harbor which will be our second stop of the day where you will see the Shipwreck Museum. In the museum the shipwreck dates back to 300BC. Many items that were found in the ship are also exhebited. After a short walk in the harbor and in the back streets of Kyrenia we drive to the capital of the island which is known as Nicosia. The old city is surrounded with high walls from Lusignan and Venetian time.We'll enter the walled city of from Kyrenia Gate. Venetian Column, St. Sophia Cathedral, Buyuk Han are some of the fascinating sites that we'll see today. You will also have some free time to take photos and do some shopping from the local market. So go ahead and book this tour to visit with two beautiful cities on your limited time in Cyprus.

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